Anna Sui dress?

  1. Hello all!

    I just wanted to know what you guys thought about this dress:


    I absolutely love it, but I'm not sure HOW or WHERE to wear something like this. It seems too fancy for the office. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  2. This is how I would wear it:

    Dinner/lounges/bar-- pair it w/ mary jane heels or the chloe platform (blk leather w/ front tie)

    Out and about during the day, i'd wear it w/ ballet flats
  3. SuLi, girl, you know I always love your taste. But I can't see pulling this off without looking like the hotel cleaning service!
  4. yep, I thought it looked a little maid like!
    I adore Anna Sui, and have alot of pieces, but this one is a little comical, maybe it is just the black with the white, but its not the best dress of hers I have seen. Sorry
  5. It looks super goth to me, very little girl, almost doll like. If that isn't your thing I don't know that I'd go for this dress. But I do generally love Anna Sui.
  6. I love this dress and wouldn't worry about anything other than looking too French chic!! Wear it with tighter and Maryjanes, and throw a cardi overyour shoulders. I've seen Prada salesgirl in Italia looking like that.
  7. I like it!

    It's a very precocious look. Wear red shoes with it!

    I don't know if people will "get it" in DC though.... I can totally see people in London, Paris or New York wearing this (all in completely different ways).
  8. IntlSet - You ARE right about it looking like a maid's dress....hadn't thought about it. I just thought it was very cute, Mia Farrow-like. I showed my colleague and she said that it was the perfect dress for, I wonder what she means by that.

    Sonya - I guess if I threw a cardigan over it, people would get it here in DC :graucho: .

    Thanks for all the feedback...I'm going to sit on it for a few more days.
  9. it's cute but i too don't think i have a place/occasion to wear it too
  10. I've decided against it. Some of the comment really rang true, and I think it's a little to stylish for DC. Instead, I have my eye on a See by Chloe dress :graucho: .
  11. I'm not sure about this dress, SuLi. It's a little too "Amish Country" IMO.
  12. yeah, I think it's adorable to LOOK at, but like Sonya said, people might not "get" it and it could look a bit too little girly and old fashioned if you didn't hit the accessories perfectly.
  13. i think it's cute, you can add some vintage belt to add more accent! and maybe a cute colour cardi or cape?
    i think it can be wore everywhere, i have this same style of dress in light blue color, very cute :P
  14. I like it! The suggestions about the MaryJanes and a cardi (like one from anthropologie) are good ones. I think this one requires a certain attitude though to keep it from looking like a maid. I can Marc Jacobs bag like the chevron one going great with this.
  15. it's beautiful and very classy!!!!have you bought it?!?!:heart: