Anna Nicole's Pregnancy Confirmed!

  1. Apparently her boyfriend said he saw the sonogram and is very excited. Anna's lawyer Howard Stern also said that we would see soon!
  2. Howard Stern/Lawyer?:blink:
  3. yeah, he's her 'attorney' friend. I'm surprised he's not crying! Every episode of her show his nose was SO far up her . . .
  4. Hmmm....... could be interresting. I have never seen this show before. Im in Ca. Have any idea when its on?
    Feelin' beeter Swanky?
    Sorry coldplaylover, not trying to hijack or anything LOL!
  5. gosh who cares - she's such a boozy trash whore. :P
  6. do u really think trimspa helped her shed over 60lbs in a mere few months time? BS. she does look ALOT better now then she did when she first began that show..she was so damn huge and gross then, like a whale.

    whos her bf? how old is he..he isnt 90 is he?
  7. She wouldn't preggers if he was :graucho:
  8. [​IMG]

    Look what it's doing to the puppies....:Push: :Push:
  9. love you Kimmie!:love: Yes, I feel a lot better, very sore though:shocked:

    Her show was on E! for a couple of years, it's gone now. It was like watching a trainwreck. I was compelled to watch but felt so dirrrrty!:lol:

    pgurl - that was her DH, he's since passed.
  10. It's official! Anna's
    in the family way

    Anna Nicole Smith (with lawyer Howard K. Stern)

    Anna Nicole Smith has finally confirmed she's pregnant.
    We were the first to tell you on May 3 that the former Playmate might be with child. On Monday, her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, was still denying it. But after the baby's father, Larry Birkhead, came clean to us yesterday, Smith posted a video clip on in which - while floating on a raft in a pool - she acknowledged she's expecting.

    Then why the earlier secrecy? Lawyer Stern - who ­successfully argued before the Supreme Court that she has the right to pursue the $1.6 billion estate of her late oilman husband J. Howard Marshall - may be to blame.

    "He's in love with her," a friend of Smith's claims. "He is jealous that she is pregnant by another man." Birkhead claims Stern has been bullying him to keep his mouth shut.

    "I was told by Howard K. Stern to deny the pregnancy," Birkhead told us from his home state of South Carolina. "But I'm not denying it anymore for legal, moral and ethical reasons. I'm not denying she's pregnant, and I'm not denying I'm the father." Birkhead, a freelance photographer, has 1.6 billion reasons to father a child with Smith, 38, a TrimSpa spokeswoman who also has a 20-year-old son.

    "I would never have a child as part of a financial arrangement," Birkhead scoffed. "When I do have a child, I will be a very large part of that child's life. "There are a lot of jealous people out there. People who say other people are just looking for someone's money," the nondenial pop went on.

    Execs at Trimspa, the diet program the ballooning Smith hypes, were quick to say they "couldn't be happier," adding, "we'll certainly be here to help her lose all of the weight after she gives birth."
  11. I couldn't have said it better!!! she is a total skank!
  12. Poor baby.:cry: :cry:
  13. Would you say he loves her or is after the possible money? I feel a bit sad for the baby.
  14. Speaking of her show, I met Bobby Trendy a couple years ago. He was her decorator. Mr Roo and I were in LA and we stopped at an ATM in West Hollywood. I was standing there with our dog and he came by and said hello to the dog. We began chatting and I told him I recognized him from the Anna Nicole Show. He scowled and said that he'd had to sue her to get paid for his decorating work. My husband took a photo of us together standing there! Then he walked down the street and got into his Jag and drove away. On his license plate it said "B TRENDY" :lol:
  15. She shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.