Anna Nicole won her supreme court case!

  1. KA CHING!!!

    Supreme Court Rules In Anna Nicole Smith's Favor

    POSTED: 7:35 am PDT May 1, 2006
    UPDATED: 3:08 pm PDT May 1, 2006

    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court ruled Monday that one-time stripper and Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith could pursue part of her late husband's oil fortune.

    Justices gave new legal impetus to Smith's bid to collect millions of dollars from the estate of J. Howard Marshall II. Her late husband's estate has been estimated at as much as $1.6 billion.

    Smith has been embroiled in a long running cross-country court fight with Marshall's youngest son, E. Pierce Marshall. The court's decision, which was unanimous, means that it will not end anytime soon.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, writing for the court, said Smith should have a fresh chance to pursue claims in federal court.

    Smith's case had brought unusual drama to the normally sedate high court.

    Dressed in all black, the former stripper wept in the courtroom in late February as justices discussed Marshall and whether he had intended to provide for her in death. When she arrived at the court, several photographers were knocked to the ground in a scuffle to photograph her.

    She was a 26-year-old topless dancer when she married Marshall, then 89, in 1994. He died the following year, setting off an intense family fight.

    At issue in the legal battle was competing court jurisdiction. A Texas court held a five-month trial before deciding that Smith was entitled to nothing from Marshall's estate. Smith brought a separate claim in federal court in California.

    Justices said Monday that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was wrong in ruling that federal courts could not handle Smith's case.

    Ginsburg noted, however, that there are several pending issues that could still keep Smith from collecting any money.

    So far, Smith has received nothing from Marshall's estate, although before his death Marshall showered Smith with $6.6 million in gifts that included two homes, expensive jewelry and clothes. She contends that he also promised her half his estate.
  2. I really don't like her! I believe in people getting married for love and not money! She is unbelievably greedy!
  3. Well, I look at it from a different (and maybe larger) perspective. I am married to a man who was married previously. He has two almost-grown kids.

    Cases like Anna's set precedents for the little people like you and me. If my husband dies, and wants to leave me half his estate (which as a spouse, being community property, is half mine by law anyway) then he should be allowed to do this without worrying that other relatives will dispute the estate later.

    Unfortunately I have seen it time and time again where greedy children attempt to throw a stepparent out of the house they shared with the bio parent and also try to get at the assets that the parent and stepparent have accumulated TOGETHER. I think that is why the Supreme Court ruled in her favor. She was his legal spouse at the time he died- and it is a dangerous legal precedent to set that children from other marriages can challenge the status of the current spouse AND the will of the deceased parent. ESPECIALLY when they have already been provided for very generously, as Mr Marshall's son clearly has been. If anyone is greedy, it's his son. I don't like her any more than the next person, but estate law is very important and I am glad the supreme court ruled in her favor.
  4. OMG!!
    can't believe that she won!!!!:weird:
    CHACHINGGGGGGG to her pockets..
    maybe she'll get another boob implant?
    just the thought of her..yikes...
  5. I'm all for spousal law being upheld - I just don't believe an 89 year old man who marries a 26 year old stripper knows what the hell he's doing! There is such a thing as dementia!!
  6. Oh I agree Suzy, but unfortunately his son can't argue that. I'm sure that's why he's so mad.

    But come to think of it, my Grandfather was sharp as a tack at 90 and given the chance, he would have jumped at the chance to marry someone like her! :lol: (God bless you/RIP Papa!)
  7. There are many greedy women out there that will marry men only for their money, and Anna Nicole was definately one of them. But I feel that J. Howard Marshall's son is way too greedy to want to take Anna Nicole's part of the inheritance, even though he has SO much coming to him. And to put it frankly, Anna Nicole slept with a 89 yr old man and made him happy during the last year of his life....she deserves something IMO.
  8. I bursted out laughing reading that. Anywho... I honestly think she actually liked him somewhat. I mean, back when she was decent looking, i don't think she could force herself to sleep with someone she didn't really somewhat like. As for the son, he was a greedy bastard IMO... at least more in for the money than anna nicole.
  9. I think she deserve that money too.
  10. Good for her. I didn't follow the case in close detail but from what I read, I think she deserved it.
  11. Anna Nicole is a gold digger, but Marshall's son is greedy too. Would it really kill him to give her some of the money just to end the whole court fiasco? This could have been settled a long time ago if he just gave her, say, $100 million and then had her sign some paper saying she won't pursue the matter anymore.
  12. I am not really huge fans of her but I do believe that she deserves her share. Although year of marriage and boom...$$$$
    I think the matter will be completely different if she was an old woman who active in Church and was not a stripper before marrying the oldie.
    I told my DH, if he messed up with me next marriage will be for MOney NOt love...I am kidding :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Imagine how may bags she can get???
  13. I actually like Anna and I think she deserves a nice share of the money. He married her after all, it's not up to someone else to judge their marriage. I'm glad she won.
  14. Interesting.
    im not a fan of these thing but I think she deserves it though. the oldie married her, not like she could force him too :lol:
  15. stranger things have happened

    honestly by the time it's all resolved we won't even remember why it was going on in the first place