Anna Nicole @ The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Last Night

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    Amid all the recent paternity test drama, Anna Nicole Smith (clutching to self-proclaimed babydaddy Howard K. Stern) made a rare public appearance last night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to watch the WBA heavyweight rematch between Samuel Peter and James Toney.

    As you know, Anna is stateside as a judge recently ordered her to submit her daughter for DNA testing no later than 23 January.
  2. Howard K. Stern looks completely strung out. :s

    And Anna looks like a horse. Nice new lips, girl! :rolleyes:
  3. too much botox..
  4. Is the tattoo of her son on the back of her arm?
  5. how the hell did she really loose all that weight?
  6. it's called gastric bypass :yes:
  7. [​IMG]:rolleyes:
  8. "TrimSpa Baby. TrimSpa".....
  9. I wonder about that...she lost all the weight by using TrimSpa:confused1:
    Either she worked out hard or had a surgery...I just don't think TrimSpa would bring that much effect.
  10. **babydaddy**....I always chuckle when I hear that....

  11. holy tan and white hair batman!
  12. I clicked on the picture to get an extreme closup.

    That tattoo doesn't look like one of her son. It just looks like a detailed female face.
  13. Heres a closeup ! :yes:

  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  15. You know what? I stand corrected. That does look like her son. (And the baby could be her daughter.)
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