Anna Nicole Romanced Bahamian Immigration Minister

  1. NASSAU, Bahamas - A newspaper published two photographs on its front page Monday showing Anna Nicole Smith lying in bed fully clothed in a romantic embrace with the Bahamian immigration minister, who approved her application for permanent residency.

    Immigration Minister Shane Gibson has come under criticism from the political opposition for giving the former Playboy Playmate special treatment in granting Smith residency in the Bahamas last year. Smith died Thursday in Florida.

    Anna Nicole Smith, official photographed - Yahoo! News

    So Howard K.'s lawyer has tried to recover the photos...did Howard K. know that she was intimate with the immigration offical? :shrugs:
  2. A pic of Mr. Gibson. This info is already being used against him by his political opponent.

  3. What next? Her life and death have been marked by such strange things. But this is the first time I've heard about improprieties with an official government person.

    On another note, I read in the Washington Post this morning that she had her former billionaire husband's sperm frozen. So of course now one has to wonder if perhaps that is how she became pregnant.
  4. Sheesh. what next?
  5. Holy sh*t.
  6. Good Lord...the woman's DEAD. Why do they do this to people after they die??

    WE all knew she was living a wild and dangerous LIFE..why not just let her now rest in peace.

  7. i agree! she featured a lot on E! and i saw how she's soo nice and sweet with her son, they seem to love each other a lot :cryaby:
  8. AFAIK, these photos were published in a major Bahamian newspaper. Any charge of corruption/impropriety by their governmental officials is serious business and needs to be made public, as the public has to decide who they want in that position.
  9. I feel bad for the woman, I do, but she was such a train wreck...
  10. I seen the pic..its not as though they were having sex! Many celebrities are friends with government officials. I think in this case, the media is jumping to conclusions to keep the "scandlous" life of this lady alive. All I'm saying is GIVE her some peace in DEATH..she didn't get any in life.

    I just watched Entertainment Tonight. They are reporting that those pictures as well as other personal stuff was stolen. Her home was broken into less than 24hrs after she died. Thats SICK
  11. They can care less about ANS in the Bahamas. The pictures were published because of a long term accusation of impropriety by Mr. Gibson, an accusation that he allowed her to circumvent (really, break) Bahamian law and gain citizenship. There's an ongoing inquest. It has caused a stir in the political scene.

    As for the pics, I've seen them as well, I have them on my comp, but hesitate to post them because it might bother some members who are dedicated fans (if anyone wants to see them, they are on theSuperficial). I don't know about you, but I nor my friends embrace our male or female frends like that.
  12. I know nothing about Bahamian Government nor the Bahamian Law..all I'm saying is the woman is dead. The pictures probably wouldn't have became public knowledge if she hadn't died.

    I in no way condone impropriety within any government. I also do not condone the past wild behavior of this celebrity. It just is so sad to continue to drag a dead person through the mud.
  13. See, that's where I disagree. Maybe nobody in the States would have cared, but I believe that the Bahamian newspaper would still have published the photos, as it is political story (assuming that they would have been able to get their hands on them).
  14. Unfortunately you can't libel the dead, so anyone who is famous and dies is fair game...