Anna Nicole Hospitalized !!!

  1. Anna Nicole Smith treated for pneumonia
    Anna Nicole Smith has been hospitalized with pneumonia at the same medical center in the Bahamas where her 20-year-old son died under mysterious circumstances in September, an attorney for the reality TV star said Tuesday.

    Smith, whose son died while visiting her in the hospital three days after she gave birth to a daughter, was being treated at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, attorney Wayne Munroe said.
    "She has a slight case of pneumonia," Munroe told The Associated Press. "We've had a sudden change of weather here due to a cold snap."
    Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel died in her hospital room hours after arriving in the Bahamas, where his mother had moved during her pregnancy. The results of official toxicology tests and a police investigation into his death have not been released.
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  3. poor Anna!
  4. a cold snap in the bahamas??
    how cold could it be?

    that's the worst scientific explination for a hospitalization OF ALL TIME.
    Worse than Lilo's "exhaustion".
  5. Weird!!!!!! Anyways, I hope she gets well soon!
  6. Boy, it just keeps piling up for her.
  7. what a bad year for her. that really sucks
  8. Oh my, I hope she gets well soon.
  9. awwwwwwwwww annna..hope she recovers soon
  10. I read this and think lipo...or gastic band....not pneumonia!