Anna Kournikova's Handbags

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  1. She's got great taste!!!!
  2. [​IMG]
    YUMMY bag!!! hehe
  3. Wow, I'm really loving that spy !

    What can I say, this is a far cry from when she had that fake multicolour speedy ! :sad:
  4. That spy is insane !!! The cognac I saw in real life wasn't so rich in color. Do you think it's just the photo, or is it a different lot or something. Great pictures, thanks!!:P
  5. :huh: she was carrying a fake LV??? She can afford to buy an authentic....she made 2 mill of just the sport ad she did...

    I WANNA SEE THIS PIC of her with the fake lv.
    please someone post it up here. thanks
  6. [​IMG]

    That picture was posted on our blog back in July and started a heated discussion in the comment section.
  7. Thank you Vlad! I tried to find it on the blog, b/c I remembered after I posted. But thank you for finding it!
  8. I find that so bizarre. What's her point.:weird:
  9. Oh my god, I totally didn't know she had a fake LV!!! That's hilarious considering how much $$ she does have. Thanks for posting that fake LV pic, totally funny!
  10. For all you know, the rest of the bags in the pictures are all fake too... lol

    THAT will be funny. :lol:
  11. that sure is a yummy bag kojiko! i met her last year in brisbane, she was with enrique (he's so nice!) during his tour there, i couldve sworn i saw her carrying a baby blue kelly bag or maybe birkin.. it was small, but im sure it was hermes.. :smile:
  12. Is this the baby blue one you're talking about that she has???

  13. bellarini, yes!!

    love the size.. :smile:
  14. I posted her with her fake LV and people nearly rioted!! I really did not realize that any person like that would carry a fake- heck, I'm not even important in the world and I don't want to be seen with one! It was so weird for me to realize that.

    Other word on the street is that Paris Hilton carries a few fakes too!

  15. You know that's true, if you don't mind carrying fake bags, why bother buying a real one? Of course, maybe she didn't know that the LV was fake.