Anna Kournikova

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  2. i love her, so gorgeous, fit and classy :smile:
  3. LOVE Anna!!!:love:
  4. She's so hot !

    But I feel like she's gotten really, really thin since after she stopped playing, I can't remember ever seeing her so thin on the courts.
  5. don't know why but i never really found her pretty at all. i used to think she has a really nice figure, but she is looking thin in these pics
  6. I agree. She had a lovely shape when she played. Curvy yet fit.
  7. ILOVE ANNA, She is so Gorgeous, and dresses so good!
    She also has the most amazing handbag collection, and that FIGURE! lol!
  8. She looks decent here - but I really don't think she's that pretty. Sorry:smile:
  9. Agreed! Just don't find her very attractive, folks here can go crazy over blondes though!
  10. I love Anna, have loved since 1999! lol :smile:

    she's gorgeous and dresses amazing. i just dislike her new skinny as a rake look.
  11. OMG She looks great!
  12. who makes her jeans?
  13. She has an amazing body and great hair, but her face is just average to me.
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes: ITA
  15. I liked her more athletic figure, now she just looks like the rest of them.