Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova?


Who s The Hottest ?

  1. Maria Sharapova

  2. Anna Kournikova

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Maria Sharapova

    Anna Kournikova

    Why ??

    Body ? Eyes ? Sex Apeal ? or Boobs ?
  2. Anna def...IMO
  3. I voted for Anna K. for all those reasons.
  4. anna...
    sex appeal...and her face features stand out.
    maria is like the typical people u see on the road.
  5. i vote for maria.. she's prettier...
  6. Anna definitely! She is prettier and has a much nicer personality - Sharapova is a diva! :tdown:
  7. Maria is a far better tennis player. Anna is hotter!
  8. Hmmm....I voted for Anna, but I don't like either.
  9. I voted for Anna, she's easier on the eye
  10. Maria if nothing else just for her awesome body!Anna is so hottter!
  11. Maria Sharapova
  12. I would say Anna, I think she is a little more pretty than Maria. Their bodies are great of course, but honestly I don't think they're gorgeous women at all.
  13. Anna!She is totaly hot!
  14. She is so hot!Vote Anna!:drool:
  15. Anna, I think she's the prettier one