anna corinna?

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on Anna Corinna bags?
  2. I have two city totes, in slate and tobacco and I love them both...You can always get them w/a code at various places online. The price is definitely right. The leather does vary from bag to bag though.
  3. Hey, Nelly! Do a search on Anna Corinna and you'll find a thread or two about them. As for me... I have 2 on the way (a City Tote in caramel which probably will go back and a Lady Duffle in brass) and am hoping that they are nice. I got them pretty cheap on sale and with codes. I have heard mixed reviews though. Supposedly the edges aren't finished and the lining can fray so I'm expecting a rough and rugged bag! But I think the Lady Duffle looks fabulous and I can hardly wait to see mine!
  4. I posted a while back asking for help on what colour to buy in the mini city tote. I bought mine at, which sells them cheaper than anywhere else - that with a 20% off coupon from grechen's closet and mine came to $240 with no tax and free shipping.

    I wanted the plum colour but since it wasn't in stock, I couldn't justify the price and opted for the green (moss), which incidentally, is the ONLY colour they have left. (rust, brass and tobacco is gone) I think it's at the post office because I got a delivery slip, but I haven't gotten 'round to pick it up just yet.

    That Lady Duffle looks GIGANTIC (after looking at the pics of girls carrying it on Shopbop) but let us know how you like your new bags when they come in. ;)
  5. Thanks for the info. I ended up ordering the drawstring bag at a good price from Shopbop... Could end up being a total nightmare with the drawstring thing, but I love the look of it. I'll let you know.
    Thanks again, N
  6. I got one of my AC bags today, the lady duffle. It's actually prettier in person than I expected. It's big but slouchy so it doesn't look as big when you wear it. I'm still deciding whether or not to keep it. I'll have to try it on again. Hope you like your bag. I look forward to you sharing with us!
  7. Just received my Anna Corinna drawstring bag from Shopbop (excellent service, by the way!) The styling of the bag is very cool, color is beautiful, but the quality is not the greatest. I'll keep the bag- it was a good deal- but I'd never pay full price for it.
  8. I saw one I wanted featured in Lucky Magazine. Sooo cute and affordable, but never seen one IRL
  9. yea, do a search on here for anna corinna.. you'll find a few other threads that mention her bags.