Anna Corinna...

  1. i just very very recently been exposed to anna corinna's bags.. and i really love her lady duffle bag... :love:

    i am just wondering what stores carry her bags? so that i may see them in person...
    and why are her bags so pricy??
  2. if you do a search on this forum there are a few threads that talk about her bags.

    so far the following sites taht I'm familiar with sell her bags: ? i think

    I have her lady duffel in black.

    The prices aren't SO bad... if you find a coupon code floating around.
  3. LunaBoston use code grechen for 20% off....also check for add'l codes.
  4. i wanted a <$500 every day bag (my botkier and tod's are getting killed) so after looking at tons of bags i just couldn't get corinna's lady duffle out of my head. i think for the price it has the most style and functionality so i got it in tobacco (my other two bags are sugarplum and black, both with silver hardware) . has the best deal :tup:
    and when i threw the coupon in there i couldn't believe the deal!

    my husband started doing the happy dance with me :yahoo:
  5. wow!!! post pictures please!!!
    i am like in love with the bag but i am afraid it'll be scratched easily..
    and i am short so i am wondering if it'll be too big for me...