anna corinna

  1. what are her bags like?
  2. gorgeous and reasonably priced.
  3. what is the leather like?
  4. the leather quality is good... soft on some... and glazed and a bit stiffer on others. it really depends on which color/bag you are interested in. I have a black lady duffle which is as soft as can be.. another member bought the lady duffle in tan and didn't like the leather because it was too stiff.
  5. like luna said, it really depends on the bag. i find that her leather finishes are really great and unique. IMO, they're on the lightweight side.
  6. They're great sturdy bags that are very reasonably priced. Some of the leather is soft while some of it is waxed and therefore more stiff. Overall great bags to bring to work as most of them are pretty large.
  7. I have the mini city tote in black leather and it is incredibly soft and lightweight.
  8. I just received my mini city tote in the mail today... It is gorgeous and worth every cent :tup:
  9. Anyone have the Net Tote? It looks so cute, but I don't know how it would feel.
  10. I'm also eyeing this bag as a school tote...