Anna Corinna - Yay or Nay?

  1. The other night I saw girl on the train carrying a bag that looked pretty nice to me - It was a very pretty seafoam green & the leather looked amazing. I asked her about the bag, and she said it was an Anna Corinna. I asked her if I could feel the leather & she said go ahead - when I touched the bag, the leather reminded me of the leather found on Balenciaga's - thin & soft & "crinkled". It was a pretty quick "check" so I don't know how the leather compared overall - owning 2 Balenciaga's myself, I'm sure the leather (on the Corinna) isn't REALLY as nice as a Balenciaga, but it did seem to come close.

    I looked up the bags on line, and found them on several sites - Unfortunately, I don't know which style she had (the bag was lying on it's side, kinda open) - I have a feeling it was the Jet Setter Jr, but I'm not sure. I really like the look of the Jet Setter Jr, but wonder just how large of a bag it really is (I tend to like big bags that hold a lot!). I also wondered about the shoulder strap - Judging from the pics & descriptions, it appears that the bag can be carried on your shoulder using the strap that criss-crosses in the front - Has anyone carried the bag this way? If so, how long of a drop is the strap? It doesn't seem like the drop on the bag itself is long enough to fit over my coat, which is why I need a longer drop. I also wondered how small the bag becomes when using that strap?

    How does the Jet Setter Jr compare to the Mini Tote? Is the mini tote as large as or smaller than an original Bulga bag? Any help would be much appreciated - Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the quality of the mini tote is inferior to the original Bulga bag in medium. It's about the same size wise, maybe a tad bit smaller. The design is fantastic but there is quite a bit of variation from style to style and from bag to bag. While I love my mini city and use it quite a bit, there are details that are rather unfinished, which is surprising since the bag was more than $300. My lady duffel is much better made with a better quality leather. I guess my advice is to try to see the bag in person due to the variations.
  3. Yayy to Anna Corinna!!! I have the mini city tote and drawstring hobo and love them both (esp. mini city)!
  4. I have the Anna Corinna in the mini city. I like it but it's a little small for my liking. I like my bags quite large though. I don't know which Bulga bag you're referring to so I can't comment on the size. I just know that I find them small, generally. Also, there are many threads with various schools of thought on the leather on the AC. Many people find it dry, not smooshy and buttery like Bulgas. It's just a different style. I think it's different but some people just don't like that look.
  5. I'd agree with this, now that I have a mini city tote and Bulga butterfly tote side by side. Both leathers are smooshy but the Bulga is indeed a bit more "buttery." Can't really explain it well. But I think OP was talking about the glazed leather tote, not the regular leather, right? In that case I really can't comment since I only have the regular black leather AC mini city tote (which I love, btw!).