Anna Corinna XL City Tote ????

  1. I love the size of this bag but I've heard that the leather from this line is a little iffy...has anyone seen this bag in person??? I would be really upset if the bag was crappy for almost $500!!!
  2. The City Totes are meant to look vintage/distressed. The edges on most of the bag are raw. For some people, that means bad quality. In reality it's just the style of the bag/leather.

    I have a mini City Tote in plum, and the leather does get dry looking on occasion. I just rub in some Lubriderm and then it's fine.
  3. Though I don't own this bag, I too liked the shape/size of it. Seems like there are variations in the leather they use, but I could be wrong. When I saw it IRL I didn't like the raw edges of the leather, sometimes with that kind of leather it can rub off on your clothes and leave little "crumbs".
  4. Thanks..i'm still not decided but I do not want "crumbs" on my clothes!!!