Anna Corinna - Which Color?

  1. So this is my delimma. I've fallen in love with the Anna Corinna Mini City Tote bag. I must have this. The problem is I can't decide between the Butterscotch or Black. Now, normally I would buy both but I'm on a ban forever so I can only get one.

    The majority of clothes I wear are creams, tans, browns, and greens. So I would most likely get more wear out of the butterscotch. But this is the same reasoning I use EVERY time I get a bag so the majority of my bags fall into this category. Then, whenever I need a black bag I don't have one. What I should I do? The logical thing is to get the black but I realllllly love the butterscotch too. Which one do you guys like better?

    Disclaimer: If any of you tell my boyfriend that I've been talking to you I will completely deny it.
    ACBlack.jpg ACTan.jpg
  2. i have both colors. I love the leather on the black, it is TDF, but the Butterscotch is a beautiful color. I would hate to decide between the two, but I would definately go for the black.
  3. You have both? I'm SO JEALOUS!!!! Thanks for the opinion though...I am starting to lean toward the black.
  4. i prefer the black. it complements the style much better than the butterscotch does if you know what i mean. i was planning on getting a mini city tote in plum myself. :yes:
  5. i love both colors but i say black!
  6. butterscotch. love that color.
  7. Just get both! Seriously though, if you have to pick one, I'd go for the black. The leather on the black ones is amazing - soft, but very durable.
  8. Lovely bag, I´d go for the brown.
  9. I will disappoint a couple of you.....I went for the black! But I might be selling a few bags that I don't really carry anymore so if I do I may get the butterscotch too!
  10. Is it true that the black AC bags are thinner and softer than any of the other colors? I have yet to see the City Tote IRL, but I have seen a Jet Setter Jr - a girl on the train had one, and what struck me was that the leather was similar to that of a Balenciaga. I know the quality's not the same, but the thinness and the soft, "cracked-like" texture reminded me of Balenciaga. Her bag was like a seafoam greenish color. I was very impressed, and it started me thinking about getting one. If the black is even better, then that might be the color I choose.
  11. the black is definately thicker & softer & smooshier.....if that makes any sense!?! but it is definately the best leather i have ever felt!
  12. If you find yourself always having a problem bec of your reasoning (color of your clothing, cannot find a black bag, etc), then it is clear that if you were to pick one of these, you'd get BLACK, period.
  13. It depends on glazed vs. pebbled leather. The pebbled is the one to swoon over. The glazed is a thinner leather, but still pretty (just, imo, not as luxe as the pebbled leather). Also, I think the glazed leather smells very bizarre and chemical-y.
  14. Also, I think the glazed leather smells very bizarre and chemical-y.[/quote]

    ^^^very much so, although the smell goes away after about a day ot two.
  15. butterscotch!