Anna Corinna v. Hayden-Harnett v. Rebecca Minkoff

  1. [​IMG]Anna Corinna Saddlebag
    Anna Corinna MiniCity

    [​IMG]Hayden Harnett
    [​IMG]Rebecca Minkoff Morning After

    Okay- so they are all rather different. What do you think? Which one do you like?
  2. Wow. Very different styles. IMO, I would pick the RM first and then the HH. I don't really care for the first two.
  3. of those, the minkoff is the nicest, IMO. looks the most polished - the others are much more casual bags.
  4. anna corinna mini city, but i'd prefer to use the handle not the strap, then the HH
  5. during winter months the RM bag won't be that comfortable to wear over a winter coat...

    I don't really like the first Anna corinna.. the second one is okay... I dont really like that HH bag... I'd rather buy a Havana hobo than that particular bag
  6. I like them all but the last one, it looks like an old lady "pocketbook" to me!
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. ^^ It does look a little bland in the more normal colors. I own it in the royal blue/brown basketweave combo and it's so much better looking. :smile:
  9. Yeah, I can see that...the color-the kinda orangy-brown (especially the sorta shiny "kinda vinyl" look it has) reminds me of the 70s...not my fave
  10. I have an Anna Corinna mini city tote.

    I really love the Rebecca Minkoff in that color though.
  11. Luna can you post pics of that bag? I've been eyeing it pretty hard.
  12. [​IMG]

    Here ya go
  13. Luna- What's that green bag in your photo? I love it!
  14. Luna - I have a green Furla Farrah, too but the east west satchel. Is yours the tote?

    Woodstock - It's a Furla from S/S 2006.
  15. i have the RM mini morning after in navy, so i'd pick that out of the other ones. The leather on this bag is so buttery soft, and smells amazing. As for HH, i prefer the Havana Hobo. My 3rd choice would be the AC city tote, tho the leather on this bag would be a little thin and distressed. If that's the look you like, then go for the AC city, it's a good size bag and very functional. I've seen quite a few of them in the streets of NYC.