Anna Corinna Sisters Saddlebag

  1. What do we think of this bag? I've never seen it in person but it looks interesting.

    15"w x 12.5"h x 4'd. Shoulder drop is 11" when doubled; 22" single. One magnetic pocket on flap, 2 side zip pockets, one panel pouch hidden under flap. Flap closure holds shut with the weight of the flap. Interior is lined with one large zip pocket.
  2. I like it, I generally really like AC bags but have no idea about the quality
  3. I love this bag - was really tempted by it. Alas, I am shopped out.
  4. Not so sure I like this one. Those stripy accents on the front bother me, and the pockets look crooked. Just not for me.
  5. I like the distressed look. Would like to see IRL.
  6. oooh i really like that. i have an AC bag bag in that caramel color and i love love love it. it's really distressed. how much is that one?
  7. It is $518w/ 20% off using code grechen
  8. Opps, at Luna Boston
  9. You know, I was going to look at this bag for you in St. Louis this weekend, but the boutique was closed. If you are still in the market in August, I will look then.
  10. Thanx Kathleen, that would be great!
  11. Very unique bags! I'm curious too as to how they are IRL.
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