Anna Corinna Pearl Leather?

  1. Hi -

    Does anyone have the Anna Corinna city sac in "pearl" leather? I'm in love with this color for Spring, but have read quite a bit about the variations in quality in AC leathers. I'd love to know if this is one of her nicer leathers. (Hate to spend $300+ on a bag with dry, thin leather.)


  2. I just bought the mini in tobacco since i'm afraid of light color bags getting dirty easily... but if u'r a new member at revolve clothing u get 30% off so u can consider it... I saw a link somewhere in the forum and bought it in a heart beat keke... I love this bag... :nuts: now thinking of getting the large tote... keke...
  3. Thanks.

    Maybe I'll just try the pearl and see what happens. Seems like it may be a bit more interesting than white. Can always return it if I don't like it.

    I saw someone the other night (at a hockey game of all places!) carrying the City Sac in Tobacco. It looked fabulous on her. Very cool color.
  4. Let me know how you like the pearl!