Anna Corinna - NO FLY, ALL OINTMENT!!!

  1. I have been informed that Anna Corinna Company has sent me out a new zipper pull for my butterscotch mini city tote and I should be receiving it any day now! THIS IS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! As far as the bag is concerned, I love it so much, I found myself bursting out with "I love this bag so much" which surprised DH who didn't even know I had a new bag!! I just couldn't restrain myself!!
  2. Yee-Haw! Glad you were able to get this resolved!
  3. Great change of title! Love it - well done on getting this sorted out so quickly and enjoy your fly-free ointment!
  4. how will you tell the difference in the pockets as to where you will keep your cell phone or keys? :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm so glad they were so quick to respond to you. Glad everything is complete.
  5. Simple: I use a purse organizer called a Chameleon! The size small fits perfectly, I can change purses in a blink of an eye and the bag isn't all lumpy with pockets filled! As someone on another thread said so well "a bag for my bag!!"
  6. Congrats on a successful exchange with customer service!
  7. oh i'm SO glad that got resolved! yay!
  8. Congrats! Now I know if my AC zipper pulls ever come off, who to call! Thanks! :smile:
  9. Just received my leather pulls - TWO of them!! I am very happy!!! Wanted you all to know that Anna Corinna is not only a great handbag designer but a great company for customer relations!!