Anna Corinna Mini (Small) City Tote

  1. Well, I now have a mistake.:s

    I received my Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in plum, and while the color is wonderful ... nothing else is. It's lined in black cotton that reminds me of something you'd get from India (nothing against India, I'm just remembering some inexpensive leather accessories I've had in the past that were lined liked this, tagged 'Made in India'), the hardware is very bright gold (looks like plastic, but isn't), the edges of the leather are very rough-cut (I thought it would be more finished) and ... it just looks like a cheap handbag, I'm sorry. I'd pay $70 for it handmade at the local Renaissance Fair, but not $354.00 by a fairly well-known designer.

    I swear I do NOT know why this bag strikes me this way, but it does. I implicitly trust the judgement here of those who have Mini City Totes (which is why I went hunting for this one in plum) so I don't know what the deal is - perhaps my expectations were just skewed, who knows. I'd post photos but I've already got it packaged up.

    So back it goes.:tdown:
  2. Oh, I am so sorry you hated it! I understand where you are coming from about the shiny hardware but I don't even notice that anymore. Wasn't the bag as lightweight as a feather? Didn't the leather smell so good? The butterscotch has a light cotton lining and I think the black I ordered has a black cotton lining. I just hope I like my black more than you like your plum.....OMG-this is so NOT GOOD!!! Thank goodness you can return it!!! Where did you buy it from?
  3. Indiaink, I so agree with you. I have the same bag; I got mine from WinkNYC and I was so underwhelmed. I wish I had returned mine but I hoped it would grow on hasn't...and I didn't get a dustbag with mine...:shrugs:
  4. Oh - :crybaby:Yes, it's lightweight. Yes, the leather smelled good. I bought it from - and they have an excellent return policy. :sweatdrop:
  5. I didn't get a dustbag with mine either - something I've come to expect (and didn't realize I was expecting it!)
  6. what a bummer! thank goodness the return policy is great! i was psyched about the AC totes too, until i saw them IRL at Luna Boston, and i was sooo underwhelmed. for some reason, i really really really want to like them (even still) but i just don't.

    i hate to see you sad over a bag... but your renaissance fair comment? :roflmfao:
  7. I'm sorry you didn't like it. I noticed the rough edges too, but I thought they gave my bag some character :smile:
  8. I guess that's how I feel too. And no, I didn't get a dust bag with the butterscotch so I'm not looking for one with the black one (which, by the way, Revolve shipped today and the arrival date is moved up to Mon. or Tues.). I think for me, the love grew as I used it. No matter what bag I pull out to use, within a day or two (if not an hour or two), I'm back to the a.c. bag. The size, shape, weight, convenience of fold all just works for me! I'm so sorry that your experience was so bad, especially since you liked the color so much. At least you can return it without hassle and get to go shopping again! Try not to be too disappointed.:smile:
  9. I'm sorry you're disappointed. For what it's worth, I saw some of these at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and I agree...I was underwhelmed as well.
  10. That is really disheartening! I've never seen one IRL (though I went to Luna Boston regularly back at college), for some reason, I thought the leather&quality would be amazing. The fact that it isn't must be saddening. I'm sorry as well, dear! A cheer for good return policies!
  11. Thank goodness for a good return policy. It's always such a bummer when a bag does not meet your expectations. Guess you'll just have to order another HH bag!
  12. I guess so - I cannot WAIT for their fall line - I have my hopes up for ... you know, they just do such excellent work, my hopes are that they continue to do the same and amaze me with yet another beautiful bag ... :heart: Something taken right from my consciousness ... I'll know it when I see it!

    THANKS to everybody for feeling my pain and commiserating with me :crybaby:
  13. That's really too bad you didn't enjoy this purse. If you check this thread that I posted from the Fall, the plum won far and away.

    I didn't actually end up buying the one in plum. I bought the olive - strangely, the one LEAST voted for :lol: (Hey, it was $100 cheaper.)

    I've always craved the plum ever since but haven't been able to justify buying two. The thing about the line is that those who love it, absolutely do - and then there's the ones like yourself who end up disappointed. In a lot of the threads you can find if you do a search, you'll find many posts which express frustration with the quality of the leather, calling it "thin and dry." But others love that vintage treatment. This actually works nicely on my olive bag (and no I did not get a dustbag, perhaps dustbags don't come with the line?) but I can see how such a beautiful plum might not translate with this type of leather.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy it! There's a thread about purple bags if you do a search, maybe you can find one that makes your heart thump there. :heart:
  14. I'm sorry the AC mini didn't work out for you, indiaink. I have often been tempted by this bag because it's at a good price point for trial (and just the logistics of trying to send anything back with two small ones is a nightmare!). I think you are doing the right thing by sending it back...expectations are everything, aren't they? I wonder if you thought the bag was going to be "edgy" (unfinished edges, for example), would you have been as disappointed.

    Is the jetsetter jr. in the pebbled black more of a polished bag? Older threads seem to indicate that that may be a bag that would fulfill some expectations.

    I'm waiting for HHs fall collection too - nothing has inspired me lately (which is really puzzling!)....