Anna Corinna Mini City

  1. Who has one of these bags? I would love your thoughts. I think I need one, particularly in a Tobacco color. How does the leather hold up over time and will it hold the essentials and maybe a paperback? Here's a Butterscotch one. The leather looks lovely...

  2. I dont have one but the leather DOES look TDF! Ther are a lot of threads about AC totes...try doing a search!
  3. I have 2 Anna Corinna Mini City, a Glazed White and a Bronze. The leather is really lovely and soft :tup:
  4. I did a search and found alot of people had them but I didn't hear much on durability. I wondered after they used them awhile did they find them to hold up well. Because of the Vintage look it appears it wouldn't show scratches easily. They are pretty reasonably priced too.
  5. I have one, in Tobacco. it's been almost exactly a year now! the leather is very smooth and soft, and with wear it only softens more and looks better. as an art student, I've crammed loads of stuff in along with my essentials(camera, sketchbook, pencil pouch, fat wallet, 5 chapsticks, etc.). the two exterior and two interior pockets are really helpful. I find myself wearing it most unfolded, in hand or on shoulder, just because I enjoy the unusual shape and it's easier to get into. hope some of that helps?
  6. I have one. After a couple of uses, I noticed one of the leather loops holding the shoulder strap was slightly tearing from the bag. I don't know if that was there when I got it, or it happened from the few times that I used it. Over time, the tear has gotten bigger, and my bag isn't that heavy. So now I just use it on weekends when I put minimal stuff in it. If you plan to carry a lot, I recommend not using the fold over option too much.

    Given how much I like this bag, I consider that to be a small flaw.
  7. I have 2 mini city bags, 1 in butterscotch and 1 in black. I have used the butterscotch literally every single day since it arrived about 5 months ago. Some people complain about the quality and thinness of the leather of the butterscotch in particular (though not the black) but I LOVE IT!! It is light-weight, holds EVERYTHING I need it to hold and has held up wonderfully. I get compliments on it constantly. I do not use the pockets though. I use the size small Chameleon (there are a million links on tPF for Chameleon) which is just perfect for this bag and I have put 2 bottles of soda or water in addition (when going to the movies) or bottle and paperback when going to an appt. in addition to my Chameleon which holds all my regular stuff. It is really a wonderful bag! Good luck.
  8. ooh, I definitely need a chameleon for mine. sometimes it takes a bit to find my keys or wallet. is the chameleon short enough that you can still fold the bag over with it inside?
  9. Thanks girls. I got a Tobacco mini on Luna Boston with 25% off. You made a sale for Luna. This bag sounds perfect although I doubt I'll use the Foldover layout alot. I like the bag open.
    Thanks again in helping me with my decision.
  10. Hey gals, I'm looking at the red one at Shopbop:


    Good to hear your feedback on the Mini - now all I need is a code!
  11. I have the black and I LUV it. I hardly use the fold over option. I usually just hand-carry or put it on my shoulder unfolded. I've had it only about two months but it's showing no signs of wear so I'm hoping it'll last me years to come as I take very good care of my bags. I'd love to have butterscotch as well...and that red is TDF!
  12. I can't wait for your pics Lexie (your bags are always sooo nice!). The AC mini city looks like a fabulous bag.
  13. You can definitely fold over the bag with the small size Chameleon and the best thing is that the silouette of the bag stays nice (not all bulgy).
  14. Oooh. I love that tobacco colour...gorgeous bag.
  15. Love the leather, but don't like the bag so much.