Anna Corinna Mini City Tote

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  1. I just purchased the Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Steel (birthday present to myself).

    (Picture from Luna Boston)

    I can't wait to get it!

    I would love to hear from other PFers about the tote and thoughts about it. :flowers:
  2. love the color! congrats!!
  3. Beautiful color! Congrats
  4. I've been wanting to order this bag but keep procrastinating. I love this bag in the pics ... this is the color I want as well. Pls post pics when you get it ... I would love to see how it looks on you. Congrats:smile:
  5. How funny! I just bought the same bag in Moss for an early bday present a few weeks ago. I picked it up at the post office on my birthday. I haven't actually used it yet but it's pretty. A little smaller than I like but I'll have to wait and see how much it actually fits before I can pass judgment.

    I like the steel - but love it in the plum. Alas, I didn't want to shell out the extra $60 for the colour as I found a very good deal at testimo boutique where they sell them for considerably less. ($300) then they also give you a 20% percent off coupon on top of that. I'll take it for a test drive soon and let you know how I like it. :yes:
  6. I love this bag! I've been lusting over it...happy birthday!
  7. I got the bag!!! :yahoo: It was just delivered to my office, and I love the color! So much better IRL. I will post pictures later tonight...definitely plan on using it tomorrow!

  8. OOH! Yes please! Can't wait to see your new baby. :yes:
  9. I have a plum one and I love it. It's the perfect size, lightweight, and easy to wear on the shoulder. Great for wearing on mega shopping trips when you need your hands.

    Here are two pics for size reference.

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  10. ^ Thanks for posting your pics. The plum is gorgeous!

    Some bad all of my excitement, I didn't realize that there was a slight defect. My co-worker was looking at the bag and noticed two parts of the leather that is best described as being "nicked" - two quarter inch spots that looked like someone may have taken a slight knife to it - like mini slices. I immediately called Luna Boston to reorder the bag and return the one I currently have. So, my personal pics won't be posted until early next week. I have to say, it's my first time buying from Luna Boston, and they are really awesome and helpful. Superb customer service.
  11. That's bizarre!
    I had a problem with my bag - it looks like there is something wrong with the zipper on the side, like, glue stuck on it or stitched on wrong? It's very slight so I couldn't bother returning it because of the customs hassle - (they'd charge me another $50 bucks when the replacement bag arrived, trust me) so I just complained to Testimo about them sending me a faulty bag and they credited me $30 bucks. It's not great, but it's better than nothing.

    Post pics when it comes in!!!

  12. The tote is here!!! I've attached some pictures. I'm in PJs, so no pictures of me posing with it :shame: .

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  13. Great colour. Congratulations! :yes:

  14. Congrats SuLi ... love the color and it looks so cute!