Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Sea Foam?

  1. I was looking around for a mini city tote - (they must be seriously popular! So many places have sold out in the last month!) - and saw them available at in a color listed as Sea Foam. No picture of the color though! Has anyone seen a picture? And does anybody know if new colors will be coming out for the spring?
  2. I saw a Jet Setter in this color I think. It was gorgeous. More of a light teal than a sea foam but beautiful.
  3. That sounds nice...where did you see it? I pre-ordered a brown Jet Set Junior from Luna Boston but would love to see what seafoam looks like.
  4. :wtf: Sea foam... really???? OH, please post if you find some where that has them!! I have plum, but that color sounds awesome!!

    Where was the Jet Setter at?
  5. Thanks, I live outside of Boston and will try to check it out soon!
  6. Here's a different style on Revolve's sute. Same color though I think.

  7. Pretty color! Cute style too, although I don't find chain shoulder straps to be comfortable.
  8. That might be the same but it just looks horribly lit.
  9. I just purchase the mini tote from revolve but in tobacco color and love the bag... if u'r a new member u get 30% off... there should be a link somewhere in the forum for it... that's how I found it... now i'm thinking if I should get the large tote as well... :biggrin: but since i'm so petite it might be abit too big on me... but I've seen ppl carried it over the shoulder folded and it looks really nice...
  10. I would love to see what color the seafoam is.

    I have two mini city totes - black and slate - and really recommend them. Very light and easy to carry.
  11. I saw the jet setter in seafoam at Neiman Marcus (Boston) today. I thought it looked like seafoam green (very much like the photo posted above from the Revolve site).