Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Grey $201!

  1. It's actually marked on sale for $252, which is a good deal in itself, but I tried using code "toutie" and even though it says it's not good for sale items, it took off an additional $51 making the purse $201! You can try it too...can't guarantee they won't come back and unhonor the code though....but at least you can try! :smile:

    They also have the large city tote in Glazed White on sale for $327 (before toutie code)!
  2. I love this bag! I was just wondering if the grey is that light (it looks almost like white) or if it's darker...hmm..
  3. great bag...thanks for the tip =]
  4. i'm wondering about that color too....this bag is great though - my everyday knockaround bag!
  5. never had an AC bag before, but this might change my mind :smile:
  6. Oh wow great deal... I have this in tobacco and uses it everyday... I'm really debating if I should get another only if they will honor the code...
  7. Very cool! I'm loving the large :drool:
  8. i really love this bag! my friend has a black city and it's so versatile...fold it down and sling it across as a messenger or fold it up and hold it like a tote....too bad i'm on a purse ban!
  9. actually i think the code might be working on all the AC bags. I tried it on a couple of the other AC bags and it took i think 20% off.
  10. The code is supposed to give 20% off all non-sale items...but I think some sale items are slipping through...