anna corinna mini city tote - glazed black

  1. I'm SO disappointed!! long post coming...

    So I received my package today, eager to see the bag I had been dreaming about. I tear into the box to see a bag sitting in plastic (there was no dustbag), and I could feel my disappointment already: the gold hardware looked plastic-y gold. Bright, yellowy gold is not my style - it never was.

    Then I grasp the handle and the leather on the handle felt so uneven. Like it was cut and sewn by an amateur?? It had excess leather protruding from the seams, it just felt UGH.

    Still, I'm trying to make myself see what I originally loved about the bag, and fold the bag and take the strap over my shoulder. More disappointment!! The strap feels super thin and cheap. I can't get that feeling out of my head. Funny because it's the most expensive bag I've ever bought, and it's the cheapest-feeling bag I've felt in a long time. :confused1:

    The shape is TDF, but it's not like I can re-do the handles, switch out the strap, and do something about the hardware myself. My co-worker was even saying that I must have bought a knock-off! Yeah, her comments made me feel bad. :sad: I paid $309 using a 20% off coupon, btw

    It's definitely going back... am I being harsh?? It's my personal opinion, and I really hope I'm not insulting anyone's bag. Well, I'm probably bitter because I can't pull it off like this girl (attachment). It's just that I handled a different AC bag at Anthropologie before and it was so beautiful. I think that's why I had such high expectations.

    On the other hand, I got my Andrea Brueckner saddle bag a couple months ago (paid $220), and even though I was I didn't like the thin-ness of the leather and expected it to be more glossy and true-black (it looks sorta grey-ish in certain lights, like it's worn out), AND the stiches on the handle still bother me, it HAS finally grown on me nicely. Definitely was shocked that it wasn't really woven, but I think I now understand why BVs are so expensive! :p
    Anna Corrina.JPG
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment! I was hoping to buy an AC city tote, but now that you mention the bad hardware and uneven stitching, etc. I'm having second thoughts... Definitely spend that kind of money on something that is of good quality and that you will really like. You are not being harsh!

    BTW, Where are the AC city totes made?
  3.'s so funny with this bag. so many have a love/hate relationship with it! i have a mini city in rust and i love it. i do not find the quality inferior at all, yes, the strap is 'unfinished' and the leather 'rustic' but i don't mind that. it stands up to quite a beating and i look forward to carrying it for years...yet there are other women who don't like the leather/hardware/etc., and that's okay too - it's all about personal style.

    this bag just seems to inspire such strong feelings!!!
  4. There have been several complaints about AC bags where their stitching is uneven and the leather is frayed, so I'm not surprised to hear this. I'm sorry to hear you're so disappointed. You should def return it and get something of better quality.
  5. That is disappointing! I would return it too... I wanted one of these bags but not anymore.
  6. awwwww im sorry :sad: i have an AC drawstring and i love it its amazing soft and super durable, but totally different then that bag
    if you dont love it like you wanted to which you Dont def send it back!!! :smile:
  7. I am sorry to hear about the bad workmanship ... I've been thinking about getting an AC city tote for a while now. I really like the glazed black one in the pics. Can you post pics of the bag before you send it back? I'd really like to see the flaws you've mentioned. TIA:flowers:
  8. ITA with grechen. I love my black (unglazed) mini city though. Sorry to hear you didn't love yours!
  9. thanks for the condolences. I needed it... hehee
    I think I was hoping that it would be the quality of the pebbled (?) black leather others have raved about, but it wasn't. I'm definitely not a bag/ leather expert and that may have contributed to my expectation of what the term glazed means. as for uneven stitching, i didn't see evidence of it, it looked fine to me?

    grechen, maybe yours is in a better leather than mine? i'm so jealous! perhaps the gold hardware looks better against the rust's color better. it just looks pretty ostentatious against a shiny black (the online pic didn't show it to be so yellowy) that it really bothers me

    i've seen other tpf'ers proudly showing off pics of their plum, slate, etc. and they looked gorgeous. i think if the hardware was silver or less yellowy, i would have contemplated keeping it. better luck next time! sigh....

    btw, I broke my camera phone while snowboarding so I haven't taken any pictures yet. I'll keep it for one more day so I can charge up my camera to take some pics.
  10. I think Grechen is right, so many seem to have a love/hate relationship with this bag! I had a Sister's Saddlebag in Brass- the leather was beautiful, and the quality seemed good enough...the gold hardware was a little "yellowy" but it dodn't bother me too much. I probably would have kept it but the saddlebag style just wasn't for me. I have been considering a mini city tote now myself- the tan glazed. Still unsure as to whether I will take the plunge! :s
  11. I also have to agree with grechenscloset. The bags are meant to have a distressed/vintagey feel to it, so that's why there is some uneveness with the "quality". I own two mini city totes - slate and black - and love them. It took me awhile to reconcile the fact that it was supposed to look distressed, but they are definitely my go-to totes.

    If you are unhappy with it, definitely return it.
  12. SuLi, I'm curious - do your mini cities have yellow gold hardware?
    Perhaps if I got a a different color the leather may be "better" (instead of the glazed black) and if the hardware is a different color, I may want to try to exchange the bag rather than return.

    I'm really in love the shape and concept...
  13. As far as I know, all City totes come with the gold hardware (can someone correct me if I'm wrong?). I've never seen it in silver or brass...always the yellow gold. In my opinion, the regular black leather is the best for City totes (of all sizes). It's just smooshy and less "stiff".
  14. the city totes all come with gold hardware - and i ditto what suli said, from what i've heard, the regular black leather is the best for the city tote...but i still love my rust!!!
  15. Oh well, I guess it's going back. I ventured into getting some bronze and brushed gold accessories last year, but not the full-on yellow gold. Maybe in time... =)