anna corinna mini city tote color decision

  1. hi guys, i need your advice again...haha

    i've realized the handbag world is a world of never ending obsessions and there are always new babies to lust over.

    i've always wanted the AC mini city tote in plum (purple) but was recently introduced to the red one (exclusive to WinkNYC) and now i can't decide.

    i usually wear simple outfits like jeans and a t-shirt. i love wearing cargo pants and hoodies also. and on the rare occasions that i do go out at night, i'd dress up in my girly outfits (skinny jeans, short skirt, cute dress kind of things).

    i wanna be able to use the bag on a more daily basis, and less as a go out at night bag (since i'd prefer a smaller bag then).

    i've attached pics of both colors and also a pic of me (ok i know it's kinda gay to do this, haha, but i just wanted everyone to be able to match the bag with a face) :sweatdrop:

    do you think red would be too indiscreet for me? which color would you recommend?

    TIA!! :p
    ac red.jpg ac plum.jpg 61231002.jpg
  2. Plum is more versatile...
  3. Plum!
  4. I have the plum - and now I am wanting to get the red too!! I think the plum goes with nearly everything!! The red would be nice to give your outfit a punch though...

    Honestly, I really like the red for you!! (And no.. no problems posting the pic, it does make sense!) So my vote would be if you have a few bags that you would like to rotate with this one, get the red - and you can use a different bag if it just doesn't work with that days outfit.

    However, if you are looking for a solid everyday bag... that you don't have to worry about switching out of.. get the plum. It really does go with everything!! :yes:

    Good luck - tough decision, but both cute bags!! ;)
  5. thank you guys for your opinions. i'm so torn...but i'll make a decision soon, i hope!

    keep the votes coming~ :smile: thanks!!!
  6. [​IMG]


    go bold with red :yahoo:
    it'll brighten up ur wardrobe
  7. I was thinking to get a purple one too, but I saw the red and I really like it.
    I think red looks more fresh, new and unique. I vote for the red.
  8. If you want a bag that you can carry everyday - then it's a no brainer.
    The plum.

    I have a Kooba in plum and I've worn it almost every day for the last 4 months since I got it.
  9. Plum! But I'm biased. That's what I have, plus I'm not really into red bags.

    Plus I think the plum goes with your picture better. ;)
  10. I'm not much help. My two choices were the red and the plum. I bought the red city tote and am still thinking about getting a plum mini.
  11. i love the red, but would probably go with the plum (which i also love) - it has more longevity and it's much more versatile imo...and you can get it cheaper with a discount code, not the red :yes:
  12. i think red wouuld be fab! and i think red is very versatile. either color would look great on you though.
  13. ive seen both irl and i think the red bag looks cheap for some reason... i really loved the plum though.

    good luck with your decision!
  14. ^ Yes, thank you, by the way!! I used that code to get a discount on my plum mini city!!! :yahoo:
  15. Just got my red one from UPS. I still LOVE the color but the way the bag hangs just annoys me. It just looks and feels odd. I think it may be going back :sad: