Anna Corinna mini city tote - best colour? VOTE!


Pick your favourite colour - Anna Corinna city bag!

  1. Plum

  2. Brass

  3. Olive

  4. Rust

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm loving the Anna Corinna city bag. Now it's just a matter of which size to get - but more importantly, which colour?

    Which do you love?

    The plum:


    The brass:


    The olive:


    The rust:


    Anyone want to share which bag is better for size? The minis above?
    The large (not shown) looks super huge! Very hot for that big bag trend this season!
  2. Love the plum!
  3. plum! I love this bag!
  4. What a cute bag! I like the rust...
  5. plum, then olive, then rust, then brass.
  6. The plum is such a special color. It will spice up any neutral or add a pop of color to basic black.
  7. Definitely plum!
  8. Eeek tie between plum & rust!!! Maybe plum a little more :shame:
  9. Love the Plum!
  10. The plum is gorgeous!
  11. I voted for the plum ... this style also looks good in the grey.
  12. Beautiful colours! I love the plum and the rust. Voted plum, it's gorgeous.
  13. I love the olive, I've just bought 3 bags in this color and it looks good with everything!!
  14. I love the plum! Second choice would be rust.
  15. For me it was between the plum and the rust, too.

    I think I marginally prefer the plum, although the rust is a gorgeous, rich colour. :heart: :heart: :heart: