Anna corinna leather?

  1. Hello all,
    I was wondering what everyone's experience with anna corinna bags have been. I love their designs, but their leather doesn't seem to match their price point. I ordered an ac city tote in butterscotch a while back but returned it because the leather seemed really dry and thin. Recently I ordered the ac lady duffle in perle white and the leather seems to be similar-- dry and thin. Is this the leather on all ac bags? I thought I heard some people say their ac bags were buttery soft, but I have yet to see any with leather fitting that description. Are there specific colors where the leather is "better"? :shrugs:
  2. I have an AC laudy duffle in tobacco and love it. It doesn't seem thin to me at all and the leather is nicely distressed and soft. I heard her black bags have better leather, too. I do think full retail is a little pricey for her bags, though, so I would only recommend you get one if its on sale or with a coupon code.
  3. I think it varies. I had an AC butterscotch city tote and the leather was thick but quite dry. I have seen quite a few AC bags at Luna Boston recently, some were a little dry, others were very nice.
  4. I have a tobacco drawstring bag from when they first started putting them on Shopbop, the leather is smooshy, and it seems to be glazed, I've never seen a balenciaga in person but from pics I would compare it to that leather.
  5. Also, I think some of the leathers might wear in and get less dry feeling over time. I have a mini city tote in slate and that's what happened with first I was disappointed in the feel of the leather, it had that dry feeling, but I kept it and after using it for a while it softened really, really nicely. Maybe it's just a treatment on some colors of the leather that wears off? Not sure.

    I also have a lady duffle in bronze and that one started out soft and just got softer and nicer over time.

    Also, the black leather is super soft and smooshy from the is the white, from what I've seen.

  6. my friend had the black (not glazed) and it was really thick and soft, whereas i've seen pics of other colors and they appear to be thinner and kind of dry-looking.

    i'm wondering if the plum color is of the thicker/softer leather, or of the thinner/dryer one? from the pics i think it might be the latter, but i could be worng.

    anyone who's touched the bag or has one IRL, please comment.

    thanks a lot! :smile:

    (my friend is thinking of gettin the large white one and i want the small plum one.)
  7. I'm wondering too.
    I also ordered mini city and sent it back because of dry thin leather and so-so craftsmanship. Recently I saw Bender bag in white color in Bloomies and I was surprised how soft and smooth the leather is. Thick and beautiful.
    I'm really thinking on buying this bag online with a code but I'm afraid that each single item may be made of different leather.
  8. I have an Anna corinna mini city tote in moss green and the leather is dry. I hardly ever use it because I find it too small, so I'm not sure how the leather wears over time. It definitely is not buttery soft and smooshy though.
  9. I saw a couple of the Anna bags ae Bloomies and I found that the black has amazingly soft leather where as the other colors did not.
  10. I have a mini city tote in plum, and the leather is distressed and on the dry side. The leather is supposed to be thin, that is part of the appeal of the bag. It's not as heavy that way.

    The black and white city totes that I've seen at Neiman Marcus have VERY different leather than the other colors. They aren't distressed or dry, and they're smooshier.
  11. I think the unglazed black leather is the nicest - quality and feel-wise. I can try to take a pic of my bag tonight if it will help. I don't know what it is about the glaze, but it seems to alter something about the leather. Plus maybe the dye used to create some of the colors has an effect on it too.
  12. thank you guys. you really helped. now i know what to expect of the plum if i so decide to buy it.

    i love the large one in white too, but afraid i'm too short to carry it well. (5'3")
  13. I have a mini in the gray color. The leather is quite dry, though it's starting to soften up with wear... I mostly wear mine folded over & the part that gets folded is verrry soft. It's not really "smooshy", though.. and yes, very thin.
  14. I have the lady duffel in black and it's wonderful leather- smooshy and thick. I also have the mini city in butterscotch- completely different. The leather on that one is drier and thinner, giving it much more of a distressed look. I don't think I would pay full price for that thin leather.
  15. I also own an AC Lady Duffle in black adn the leather is very soft and smooshy and nice... nothing like what any of the other colors look like in photos.

    It's a shame... too bad all the leather can't be the same.