Anna Corinna Lady Duffle

  1. Anyone own one? I love this color. The dimensions aren't given so I can't quite tell how big it is. Obviously it's big since it's a duffle....but it doesn't look overwhelming on the model's arm. If you own one or have seen it IRL, please let me know your opinions! Thanks!

    ACDuffle.jpg ACDuffle2.jpg
  2. I remember seeing some modeling pics a while ago. MAybe try a search. I do remember the poster saying that the zippers aren't very smooth. It didn't look very big on her. HTHs a bit
  3. Thanks kings_20 but I can't do a search right now, it's disabled. :sad: I always try and search first before I post, but couldn't in this instance. But thanks for the tip...hopefully the search option will be enabled again later on today or tomorrow and I can find that post!
  4. Found the dimensions for you. It's 20x10x5.5. I found it on Revolve, but tehy only have it in black.
  5. I have it in brown and adore it. It doesn't look big on me at all. I love how easily it converts from a handbag/shoulder bag to a messenger bag. when I carry it messenger style, the handles don't get in the way or dangle or look weird. Lots of pockets so I can quickly find my cell and keys. The leather takes quite a beating, but it only adds to its vintage appeal.
  6. Cool, circoit may I ask how tall you are? I'm 5'5'' - size 8.

    Wow, revolve has the Butterscotch marked down 50%!!! But I'm really in love with this is my favorite color.
  7. I own the lady duffle in black.. it' sa great bag.. you dont see a lot of girls with it... i've never seen another one on someone else... the city totes, however... and jet setters, I see those all the time
  8. Here is a pic of mine with a few more bags near it so you can compare sizing

  9. That's an extremely cute bag!
  10. Darn luna, I just pm'd you about this bag! You can ignore it...I just knew you had it and wanted your expert opinion. ;) I think I'm going to go ahead and give it a try. I used to have a mini-city in black that I sold because I outgrew it. The leather was really smooshy and soft, I'm hoping this olive color is the same way.

    Oh yeah, what is that green bag to the right in your pic? Just being nosey, lol
  11. Oops! I just responded to your PM haha.
  12. The green bag in my photo is the Furla Farrah.

    I like the olive color you are going after in the Anna Corinna. It adds more dimension to the bag and makes the decorative panelling stand out a lot more!
  13. Thanks, luna guess I just missed ya! I'm going to get it....I'll let you know how it turns out. I was trying to decide on an RM MAM but couldn't find a color I liked so I think I'll wait for the spring stuff to come out and grab this beauty in the meantime.
  14. I have it in Steel and I LOVE this bag. I use it a lot! Here's my 6'2, 240ishlb hubby modeling it for you. :roflmfao:
    annabag.jpg annabag3.jpg
  15. thanks Grace123 (and thank your hubby for me too, lol). That color is gorgeous!!! I went ahead and ordered mine earlier today...I hope I love it!