Anna Corinna Lady Duffel


Nov 2, 2006
I know there have been other threads on this one already... but am wondering if anyone has the Anna Corinna Lady Duffel? Thoughts? It seems like the leather and workmanship isn't that great, but the shape seems really unique. Anyone willing to post pics of theirs in action?


Style_baby, I don't have any pics of my AC lady duffle on me but I can tell you about my experience. I have one in brass which is a gorgeous tannish/subtle gold color. The leather is fabulous! I love the shape of the bag and how much room it has. The edges of the leather, like on the straps, are unfinished but this isn't a problem for me as it's very hard to really notice. I paid about 60% or so less than retail for my bag and I'm OK with that price. I wouldn't pay full price though unless you absolutely love this bag and know you'll get lots of use out of it. Here's a pic of mine. Hope all that helps! Good luck!


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Thank you so much, tlloveshim! That's kinda what I was thinking: It's a cute bag, but there's no way I would pay retail. I'm holding out for one on ebay after the holidays.

Thanks again!

I agree that I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I do think it's a good everyday bag. I have the black version and the leather is nice and thick and smooshy. The edges are a little rough, but it's hard to notice. It's a very practical and useful bag!
so i bought it in tobacco and after reviewing it for 15 minutes i decided i was going to return it. i REALLY wanted to love it. for $274 I thought it was a great value from anthro.
1.) the pockets are unlined - as in the backing of the leather was unlined and very hairy so it was 'shedding' all over the inside pocket lining of the pocket, very messy. There was no binding on the raw edges on the inside either so to me, those pockets would never be fully functional b/c I wouldn' t be albe to stand all the fibers from the skin getting all over my stuff
2.) the hardware was plated gold zinc alloy - no solid gold here, and it showed. i rotated some of the rings and the areas which were stored/shipped under the leather had started to tarnish in the most unpleasant way.
3.) the skin quality itself is decent, I enjoy a good antiqued light .5-.7mm thickness leather with a lot of inconsistencies and the pieced together look enhanced the authentic look -- the color was beautiful. this really shouldn't be a negative, just a highlight.
4.) I was dissapointed that the shoulder strap wasn't adjustable although I'm internally debating that if it was adjustable it might look too dorky - i just think its better to be safe and have it as not everyone is of the same height and shape so the drop of the bag with a fixed shoulder strap is slightly discriminating
5.) zip pulls - they could have splurged on ykk, the local market they used is really stiff and sticky and hard to move, especially considering that they are all on areas which are angled - the pockets (small and square tops) and the length of the bag, concave curve
6.) the flap - I really didn't enjoy this, i thought i would b/c it was something different and would be a nice change as i normally carry my bag open b/c i'm constantly going in and out and being able to throw the flap over would be a nice change -- however the handles are so short that you can't hold it and easly flop over the flap so it becomes this awkward and obsolete to me.

Anyway, i really did think this was a lovely looking bag, could be very chic fori was dissapointed with the quality and at some of the details which were overlooked on this. I would buy it again for $100; $150 tops.
thanks canteengirl for the thorough review on the bag. i almost bought it on shopbop when it was on sale. glad i didn't b/c the shedding of the skin would drive me nuts. however tlloveshim, i love that color!
canteengirl, thanks so much for your thorough description of the bag. I have been looking at it and it looks like a great bag from the pictures, one that could be used quite a bit. But given the details it is one that I think that I will pass on.