Anna Corinna Jet Set Junior

  1. What do you ladies think of this bag? (Anna Corinna Jet Set Junior in Glazed Black.) Anyone own it? Curious if the quality is improved over the first generation AC City Tote.


  2. Cute style but the shiny leather isn't my thing.
  3. OOOOOOH Look at the red!

  4. so cute in black but i do not own it.
  5. I just got one in the regular black leather (the glaze took something away for me). Anyhow, the regular leather is wonderful - soft, thick and the smell is divine. I've never bothered with the city totes b/c they're not my style, but I think this one is a nice, well-finished bag. It's enormous though. I guess I'm not quite used to big bags yet, but it can fit my normal work day things, plus a change of clothes/shoes! One thing I don't like is the "shoulder" strap. It pulls the bag into a weird shape and I don't think it looks very nice. But it's ok because the regular handles are long enough to fit on the shoulder. HTH!
  6. Not sure about the shape...bit boxy...? Not loving the glazed leather either... :shrugs:
  7. I like in the red a whole lot better!
  8. i saw someone wearing the black the other day, and it was STUNNING in person... definitely a bit cumbersome, but the overall look was amazing.
    i favor the red... the construction on the upper portion/ handle = :heart: .
  9. I saw one in NM in a lovely seafoam/teal color. Amazing.
  10. I really love the way this bag looks.

    I also like the shiny, but not too shiny look that it has.
    Patent leather is super hot right now, but it's one of those trends that's going to be gone before you blink - this is a good compromise for being on point for the season without looking like a slave to fashion. :yes:
  11. I tried this bag on and love it, the look as well as the functionality. One improvment over the city tote is that it is easier to fit it over the shoulder (without using the strap). I don't have it yet, but preordered it and should have it in about a month.
  12. I love the red but think I'd need to try it on in person to figure out if it wasn't too large or too boxy for me (I'm short).
  13. Here's another pic of the red. I love the color and if you fold it over it won't be too big.