Anna Corinna Hobo Is Coming Back!

  1. Due to popular demand, they are bringing the hobo back again and it's available for pre-order at bagshop! I don't see the butterscotch but the luggage looks nice! Hope this helps any of you who are interested.
  2. Yeah I saw that. I really like that distressed looking brown.
  3. Do you think it's as soft and smooshy as the butterscotch was? It's hard to tell from the picture.
  4. Yes but what a difference a color makes!
  5. That's a cute bag but I don't like that it does not have any interior or exterior pockets.
  6. I am so with you on that. I love the bag so much but that worries me. I guess you have to use a lot of small holders to put stuff in to retrieve it easily. One thing that worries me most is what to do with my sunglasses: I like a pocket to stick them in. With this bag, I will need to use the case for them which might get old with me really quickly. And yet, I love the bag!