Anna Corinna Handbags?

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  1. Does anyone own one of these, specifically the city or mini-city tote? I like these, but are they durable?
  2. I bought the Mini City in butterscotch and liked it so much I ordered the large one in black. I wish the mini were a little larger but it's sooooo light and comfy. I could see how some might be unimpressed with the leather but I love it. It's VERY distressed and VERY light...not sure how durable it will be but it's so aged looking that I don't think I'll worry about tossing it around. I don't have the large one yet but should be soon.
  3. Glimmer, is the lining inside where the pockets are a bit unfinished and frayed before the stitching? I love the size of the mini!!! But I'm worried it won't hold up. I got it in Brass.
  4. I own the city tote in butterscotch and LOVE it. It's a great throw around bag - the leather is super distressed, and I don't have to worry about babying it. I love the versatility too - it can be worn as a shoulder bag or carried as tote: I use it as my carry-on when I fly.
  5. I have the mini in white - I wish it was a tad bigger, but I do love it.
  6. Anyone who has the Lady Duffel.. can you post a pic of it on your shoulder? Pleaseee?