Anna Corinna Handbag Sample Sale

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  1. Hi guys -does anyone know when this is in nyc? :confused1:
  2. I didn't know there was one. hmmm...
  3. never heard of it. i wish there was one though...
  4. ^^me too! Wish there would be one in in the market for a city tote :smile:
  5. I think they are in Brooklyn - Foley & Corinna. I have never seen them have a sample sale but heard form someone at a store in soho they were going to - i think its about time!!!
  6. hmm...well foley and corinna the store is located in downtown NYC, not in brooklyn. but that store is small so i could definitely picture them having the sample sale elsewhere. i'll call f+c tomorrow and see what's up.
  7. Thanks!
  8. so i called f+c today and they said that they've never had a sample sale for anna corinna. they DO however, plan on having a sample sale for foley clothing in november. the SA, and her manager, said they do not have any plans for an anna corinna sample sale. she said that someone else had called earlier today to ask the same question! lol, probably another TPFer!
  9. I just heard from a 2nd person who works for a nyc magazine that they are having a sample sale- who knows maybe its a secret sale?!!! that would be totally annoying!
  10. did the person say that it was a foley+corinna sale? currently the store has handbags marked down, many of which came from the showrooms/PR. when i called yesterday, the SA said that she had many of the older colors which had just come back from the PR companies and/or showrooms. the prices she quotes were about 40% off retail...could that be what people are talking about? try to get the dirt from the person who works for the NYC mag!!!
  11. i went to foley and corinna today. they had a small selection of handbags in the sale/clearance section, marked 30 to 60% off. i asked about the sample sale again, and neither of the SAs knew what i was talking about. tomorrow though, a different manager will be in, so i'll call again!