Anna Corinna / Foley & Corinna bags in DC

  1. Hi, all! I am trying to find an AC City Tote, but would like to purchase IRL rather than online. I've seen a few of the Jet Setter totes in various out of town locations, but I'm wondering if there is a retail location in DC that carries AC/F&C bags. I've seen them at Intermix in other cities, so I will probably try there this weekend. Any other sitings in the DC/MD/VA area? Thanks!
  2. NM and Saks (at least in Chevy Chase) carry AC as well. Last time I went, Saks had a better selection and nicer colors, but check them both out. Also, maybe give Cusp in Georgetown a call. They had a bunch of Rebecca Minkoff bags a couple weeks ago, so AC might be another line they carry. :smile:
  3. I must say that it is not easy to find AC bags around this area, I had to order my online. I have also seen them at Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase and a few weeks ago I spotted a few at Bloomingdales in Tyson's Corner.
  4. Do you guys have Von Maur stores? I know there are a few here in the midwest. If so, they carry that brand.
  5. Bloomingdales has a ton.
  6. The Bloomingdale's at the White Flint Mall in Maryland has some City and Mini City bags. So maybe the Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase does as well?
  7. I saw some AC bags at Neiman's over at Tyson's, and saw them at Saks in Chevy Chase this past weekend.

    Like many people here, I've ordered my AC bags online since they were slow getting to DC stores.

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! It's weird. As often as I go into all of the stores listed in this thread, I've only seen one AC bag at NM! :shrugs: Luckily my office is just a few minutes away from all of the Chevy Chase goodness, so you know where I'll be lunching today! :p