Anna Corinna fly in the ointment!!!GRRRRR...

  1. Well, the first glitch: I've had this bag about 2 weeks now and carried it about every other day. I looked down at it in the car and the leather pull on the zipper was GONE!!!! There are matching zippers on both sides of the bag but now only one side has the leather pull!! I am BUMMED OUT!!!! Any suggestions? Here is what it SHOULD look like:
  2. Beats me. Seems like a lot of people have had quality issues w/AC.
  3. Sorry not my type so no comments.
  4. Someone would make money on eBay selling replacement pulls in various colors. I lost one to my 2004 Twiggy, I'm rough on things and I used it every day for a year or more. I have no idea when it happened. I know I can get new tassles from Balenciaga (and need to) - I actually misplaced the extras from that bag in my own inimitable style. That was back when a handbag was just a handbag.

    Now, I keep the extras under lock and key. But, if the color of your AC bag is like the one in the picture, you should be able to buy lacing somewhere (you may have to split ordinary leather lacing). It'll be a custom bag, then!
  5. Yeah, I would just replace it with a cute little zipper pull or something.
  6. I hope the rest of the bag holds up better! I'm not even hard on my bags but the knot must have come undone without me realizing and off it went leaving the cheap looking gold zipper pull behind!! I am NOT a happy camper!!
  7. If you have a quality issue always first take it up with the seller. If you purchased it from a store or online store they should take it back and give a replacement.

    If you purchased it on eBay, well....write the seller and see what they say. Most likely it is tough nuggies but you could try.

    And then you could always contact the bag company and ask how you can purchase a replacement zipper pull.
  8. I purchased it from Active Endeavors. Do you think they could send another pull? I am disappointed but I am loving the bag otherwise and don't think I can part with it even to be replaced (esp. just for a zipper pull). Contacting the Anna Corinna store might actually work. Thanks for the input!
  9. Contact the manufacturer and give them the model number, color, etc. I have lost the coach tags off of coach bags before and they have always sent a replacement free of charge.
  10. Oh that would be great!
  11. Yes, I would contact Active Endeavors and give it a any event, at least you will know which side your sunglasses or cell phone are placed by the zipper pull........I hate to fumble around looking for something!
  12. You are so right except I have a chameleon so I DON'T EVEN USE THE POCKETS!!!! AND I STILL LOST THE PULL!!! WHERE'S THE JUSTICE???? I think it's a good idea to make some calls about it this week since I've only had the bag about 2 weeks!
  13. not my style at ALL and if i took a chance with it and it failed me like that i'd be heart broken.

    i'd either return the bag, for a refund or exchange. they can't say NO, you paid a GOOD PRICE for that bag for it to just lose pieces like that !
  14. You had the bag for 2 weeks you are entitled to replacement from seller
  15. Yes! By all means.....make the call to Active's just not right!