Anna Corinna Drawstring

  1. anyone own one? i have a hayden harnett i'm exchanging and would like to get this bag but would like some feedback!
  2. i doooo :smile: and i love it!!!!

    my ONLY and i mean ONLY complaint is no inside pocket

    but i am a big wristlet accessory user and so i dont really mind that bad cause i keep all my stuff in little things anyway

    its is a GREAT throw everything in it bag, i think its very smooshy and soft and wears quite well i used mine ALL summer last year like every day it went everywhere, hiking, to the lake (on rocks) everything and still i think it looks great sure it has wear but not in a bad way i think it has character now heeh :smile: and i plan to use her all this summer too!! :smile: i will take pics if you like just ask :smile:
  3. I have the drawstring in the tobacco color and her mini city. I love her bags. I tend to use the mini city more (lately, everyday) because it is smaller and the small chameleon fits in perfectly. I still like the drawstring a lot. It is big but hangs so nicely against the body. There are no inner or outer pockets and the small Chameleon was too small and didn't stay in place in the bottom. My solution was to get the large sturdy Chamelon and leave it in the drawstring hobo all the time and when I want to use it, I just place the small Chameleon inside the large sturdy one. For me it is a perfect solution. Slush Bessie has the drawstring in butterscotch and she told me she just used pouches for her stuff so everything isn't rolling around on the bottom. I have found both Anna Corinna bags to be the lightest weight bags I have ever owned and that's a huge plus for me! I hope this helps you. Good luck and I can't wait to hear what you decide!
  4. Hi bessie, I was typing about you while you jumped right in! LOL!
  5. bessie, with a collection like your's, i'd like to know what you do for a living!!!!!!

  6. hehe :smile: you know me always RIGHT ON TOP OF TPF haha :smile: thanks for remembering i had one!

  7. haha actually not much i am a full time student and a nanny but a few of my coach's were gifts (like the big business one) and and then a few more were gifts
    and otherwise i dont spend $$ on ANYTHING but bags :smile:

    so all my nanny $$ (which tends to be a more lucrative business then it used to be!)

    I save it all up just for bags haha :smile: i wait till my care is almost completly out of gas haha so i dont have to spend $ on it, then i fill it just enough to get to school and back! :smile:

    I am crazy
  8. I have a friend with this bag in Tobacco and it's adorable. I would get it if it wouldn't earn me the evil eye from her. I also tend to put things in pouches so the lack of pockets wouldn't bother me too much.