Anna Corinna City-

  1. I found a local store that sells these and I am going to try to swing by tomorrow night and check them out. She said they have black, gunmetal and platinum in stock and can order the Ruby and one other color--blue I think.

    I am hoping this allows me a cute, squishy bag that I can conceal easily, but that still holds my stuff.
  2. It is a rather huge bag, although if you wear it folded over it's ok. Not sure what you mean by concealing? It will for sure fit all of your things though.
  3. ^I agree with kings_20 it is fairly you can fit all of your stuff but those are some great colors, I have seen the ruby and its gorgeous in real life!! The black, gunmetal, and platinum are also luscious so you cant go wrong!
  4. Well I am planning to get it in the mini I think. I don't really want it bigger than about 12 by 12 (I think its right around there.) So hopefully that's easier for concealing.

    I can't wait to check it out. Even if not in red right away. The red looks GORGEOUS online. I hope I like it when I get it!

    Concealing--I am hiding my bags under my coat while at work so that when I am near my office I can not be made an easier target. During the summer Ill probably wear it up on my shoulder somehow. If I find a longer, adjustable strap that goes crossbody that I can swap out for the better beleive it ;)