Anna Corinna City tote or mini city tote

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  1. Wich one should I get? That is the question..

    Regular size or mini? Wich one looks better?
  2. Not to complicate things but there's also the midi ;)
  3. I just saw the city bags in person at Norstroms today. I thought the reg city was huge, it is probably best for a work type tote or school when you have to carry ALOT. The mini and midi looked perfect, it depends on your size and what you need to carry. BTW the leather was nice, the black was squooshy like everyone always says but the metallic greyish colour was soft and thin, thin in a really nice way. I thought the bag was really cute.
  4. There is a midi TOO? *faints* I should probably go for that one but I was thinking about order one and I can only find the reg. and the mini..
  5. I have the regular size and love it. It is not to big for my everyday bag. I just have an option to put more stuff in it. I get so many compliments.
  6. Errm if this isnt too much to ask for..Could any1 please model the mini and the reg. one for me? :p
  7. has the mid size in many different colors. Good luck.
  8. I think the mini really is too small for an everday bag if you carry more than a few essentials. The City tote is BIG so if you like bigger bags then that's the one. Then there's the XL one but that's ridiculously huuuge imo, Finally there's the new Midi...I think that one is perfect.
  9. I am thinking about this as an option as well--Id like the mini in Ruby glazed leather I think...assuming Ican find a Nordies that sells it. It looks like it would be a good squishy bag on the shoulder and while Im not a fan of the folded over look, that could be a safe option.

    I saw the Lauren Conrad (I think they are made by Linea Pelle) at my Nordies and it seriously looks identical to this Anna Corinna.
  10. I just ordered a AC city in bronze metal from revolveclothing, and I am hoping it won't be too huge. I think that once it's filled and even folded over it'll be alright. I can't wait for it!! The mini seems too small and once it's folded it'll hold very little. The midi may be perfect. Hope you find the perfect size for you.
  11. Here's my City with modeling pics.

    I think the City is a huge bag and if you aren't a lover of big bags you shouldn't even attempt it. But on the other hand, I think the mini is too small. The mid is just right if you're a "regular" bag wearer =) Hope this helps!
    AC1.jpg AC2.jpg
  12. I think you should consider the mid city tote. It is the perfect size!
  13. Looks great on you!! How tall are you??
  14. ^^ Thanks! I am 5'5" so I'm not toooo tall. The Mid City probably would have been fine but I think the City is unique. Don't you?
  15. ^^
    How does the bag look folded with all of your stuff in it. Does the flap stick out? Or do you have the flap towards your body? I'm thinking I'll probably be wearing it folded most of the time. Thanks!!