Anna Corinna City Tote now comes in "midi" size!

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  1. There are no modeling shots, but Shopbop has listed a new Foley + Corinna bag called the Midi City Tote, I guess halfway between the mini and regular size. I like this idea, because the regular is huge in my opinion, but the mini can seem a tad small sometimes.


    Foley + Corinna Handbags

    [​IMG] Mid City Tote

    [​IMG] One of our favorite Foley + Corinna styles, in a new, ultra-versatile size.

    Pebbled-leather handbag with 10" zipper pocket at front and back. Double handles at top with knot detail at ends. Lined interior features 2 zipper pockets. Removable shoulder strap included.

    15"H x 17"L (without fold).
    10"H (folded).
    Made in N.Y.C.
  2. wow! Thanks for posting this. I hope this shows up in other colors too :smile: I have the regular and I agree, it's huge.

  3. Oh it's gorg, I love the AC City totes.
  4. I am so excited! Thanks for posting the info!
  5. wow!!!! this is pretty big news for AC lovers!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. cgsprings, I was going to send you a PM about this thread since I know you are one of their biggest fans :yes: I need to check this bag out. You are still loving yours after months and months right?
  7. Awesome. I was just trying them on today in Nordstrom and I REALLY want one because the colors are so pretty but the small is too small and the large just hangs funny IMO. Actually I found that the soft leather hangs a lot better than the glossy so maybe I'll get one of those. So confusing!
  8. Ohhh I am really excited!! I just got my first AC City at the beginning of last month and I LOVE it!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Hi JudieH: look at your thread about favorite bags and you will see that all these months later I am still in love!! I actually saw the bender bag in person and am attracted to the appearance of it but having had the convenience of the city tote, I think I am too spoiled to ever turn back!!! I know a lot of tPFers are disappointed when they get their AC bags but definitely, NOT ME....if you decide to take the plunge, I hope you will LOVE it!!!
  10. Cool! I love my mini city but sometimes I need a bit more room. This one is perfecto! :tup:
  11. Thanks for the news! If anyone gets this particular size, please post modeling pics!
  12. Yay! That's exactly what I wanted! I bought the regular city tote a while ago but ended up returning it because it was way too huge but then I didn't want to get the mini city tote because it's too small. This size looks like it would be just right :yes:
  13. cgsprings, Yes I saw that you responded to my post and I was in awe that you still are loving that bag, after "all" this time! I'm actually going to start a new thread, since you just inspired me :smile:

    I went to Nordstorms this afternoon, hoping to see this bag. They didn't have it but they did have the mini and the large and I agree with everyone- they needed a middle sized one. They also had the Jet Setter Jr (I think that was the name). It seemed too big. They have a few other styles but nothing that really peaked my interest.
  14. Me too!! I have bought and returned a few, either the leather wasn't right or the size wasn't right, but this one might be the ticket!!
  15. The funky sizing was holding me back from getting one too. This is perfect. :tup: