anna corinna city tote mini vs moni moni splendor

  1. I'm torn between these two bags. Does anyone have both, if so, which one do you like better?

    I' like the city tote mini in steel but not sure how it looks in person, does anyone know how easy it is to match with different outfits?
  2. I'm torn between the same two bags (AC in butterscoth and moni in caramel)!
  3. i'm torn between the ac tote steel and the tobacco and the splendor chocolate!!! ahhhhh
  4. i dont like the moni moni bag at all! i have seen internet pictures on celebs where it looks full and beautiful but then my friend on here lexie2000 got one and took real pictures of it, and i think it looks sloppy,,,, :sad:
  5. I'm a fairly petite girl, I'm 5", do you guys think that the splendor will be too big for me???
  6. I wouldn't say it's sloppy, but definitely casual and worn in. The only celeb pic I've seen is the one with Paris and the white Splendor on, and that pic is SO misleading because the bag isn't nearly as big. It's probably also stuffed full to make it look smooth. It's a lot more wrinkly IRL.

    pothon, I'm 5'6" and I think it's the perfect size for me. It's a little smaller than a messenger bag. It's not a small bag, but it probably won't overwhelm you either. It's bigger than the AC mini city, but smaller than the regular city (while folded).
  7. I'm sorry, I just don't like the Moni Moni. Looks too worn out for me.
  8. I vote the anna corinna mini city. I have the large city and always get compliments on it!
  9. I have this weird idea the AC city (not mini) would be akward and feel weird hitting your legs or something (if you use the top handle). I haven't seen one IRL but I guess that's my main question, is it akward to carry just by the handle, not the strap?