Anna Corinna city tote in butterscotch - know where I can find one?

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  1. :crybaby:I had one approx 2 years ago and sold it. Now I want one.

  2. The Calypso store in Costa Mesa, CA had the Metal City in Butterscotch but I am not sure if they had the regular City.
  3. Really? when did you see it? Because I went and they didnt have this past weekend=(
  4. You can try revolveclothing, lunaboston, Neiman Marcus (I just went to one and started seeing Anna Corinna's out of nowhere!, or yes Calypso, they also have stores in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Good luck! I love AC's city totes! I have 3 total!!! The glazed black, gunmetal, and platinum and they are all gorgeous!!