Anna Corinna City tote for $195!!

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  1. Gone!
  2. theres a thread just a few threads underneath this one regarding calypso's sale! i was going to get this AC tote WITH the 25% discount but its GONE and can't find any other sites that have it in order to PM. =*(

    yes i'd like to know if the stores will have these totes again for $195 and if we can make them match their online coupon haha

    im also not sure whether its a good idea to get it ... i did a random google search to see where else they were selling the same color and i found a bunch of threads on their shoddy quality =O
    Christiane Celle
    W a r e h o u s e S a l e
    Open Fri -Sun
    Until March 2nd
    SUNDAY: 12-6
    Up To 80% Off Original Retail Price
    MOST ITEMS $10-$30

    426 Broome Street, between Crosby & Lafayette
  4. There is a tobacco/platinum on eBay for 159.
  5. omg. ur awesome! do you know when it started? just today? im SO going.

  6. I love the grey color!
  7. somebody keep checking the site if they want it !

    I was at the calypso store today on broome st. and they checked the website at the registers, they had only 2 more in grey metallic left available online and they are located in LA and some other far away place lol

    the store had several of the bronze one's left. after what seemed like 5 hours of pondering i actually let it go even though they were $195.... its jut too big for me and i really don't need a bag like that... if i'm getting a big bag i prefer it to be more structured and esp. after hearing all the bad things about the leather

    also note, the bag smells like rotten eggs!! whats up with stores having merchandise with that smell ???
  8. As far as I have noticed, Calypso's products online and in store fronts have been consistent in pricing. If it's not, the store fronts will honor the online prices so you are still good to go.

    You can call stores and they will ship to you too. I did that once. They will just want to fax a form for you to fill out since they don't do it over the phone.
  9. i really want the mini city tote, anyone know where i can get one at a deal?