Anna Corinna City Tote $199

  1. @ Check it out!
  2. wow a great deal...but only the greys available...wish they had butterscotch...
  3. wow -great price :smile:
  4. For some reason I can't get it to add to my cart.
  5. hmm same here.... maybe revolve can price match? idk :shrugs: :wondering
  6. again??? i hope its not a return !
    i saw this woman on the train with a lovely AC city tote in Grey except her's was slightly darker than the one in the picture. could the lighting in the picture be lighter than it really is IRL?
  7. Yeah, I was wondering that too. It seems really light in the picture.
  8. Wow that's a really good find... I have the mini and I use it almost everyday... I would def. want to buy this but I can't get it to add it to the cart as well... bleh~
  9. Maybe it's sold out
  10. Call your local Calypso because they were half price there. For some reason, it's still retail on the website. I would have snagged one but I really want the mini.
  11. I got my City tote at Calypso (call-send) last month for $187.00. I haven't seen it cheaper. Try calling the boutiques? I got mine from the one in Costa Mesa, CA 714-662-0100
  12. calypso christian-celle stores?! no kidding! i'm going tomorrow then!
  13. ^^^ yep, the Christian - Celle stores. I got mine on 11/30 but you never know. There could still be some.
  14. $187?! DO they ship?