Anna Corinna City - question about leathers - help!

  1. Hi there,

    I ran a few TPF searches and I gather that there is a love/hate reaction to Anna Corinna bags. I fall into the "love" category, but I've only every personally seen or touched the super soft natural leather versions of her bags (ie I've never seen the glazed leathers).

    I want to take the plunge and order a full-sized City, and I've been looking for a chocolatey brown. Luna Boston appears to have one - in Tobacco - which I have not seen in person. I have attached a link below.

    Does anyone have this bag in this leather? It seems a little distressed, but it is not GLAZED. I guess it seems midway between the natural and the glazed. Please share your comments and experiences!
  2. I do not have the glazed but I do have an AC City in Butterscotch and the leather smells and feels DIVINE! I have tried on the glazed at Luna Boston and let me tell you it is just as fabulous. The glazed wasn't really for my but if you like the patent "look" then you will love it!!

    Try it and if you don't like it then get another color...but you will LOVE the AC City!!

    Good Luck and let us know (with pics) what you decide!!!
  3. Personally, I love the AC designs and I gather that the leather/construction/quality has only gotten better as the brand has gotten older.
    I've felt the glazed leather and I like that better, but that's just my opinion.
    I have the lady duffle and I am more than satisfied with the quality/construction of the leather. The zippers could be a little smoother, but that is my only qualm.
  4. I'm not partial to the glazed look but I have seen her tobacco in regular leather on her drawstring hobo and I liked it a lot. I like that antiquey, distressed look.
  5. I think there are 3 kinds of AC bag leather:
    1) buttery soft, pebbled
    2) sort of shiny, distressed
    3) glazed (really shiny but not patent)

    The bag you posted falls into the second category.

    I own one each of the first two categories and I prefer the first one.

    Here are mine. The plum is the 2nd leather category, the olive is the 1st leather category.

  6. I had the Tobacco Mini City. I sold it because of it's smaller size but the bag was luscious. It's soft and distressed and such a beautiful warm brown. It is very reminiscent of B Bag leather to me. Of course nothing compares to B Bag leather but it was a similar for a low priced bag. I do not think you will be sorry.
    It's not shiny, and not dull. Just a really nice color and a nice leather. I also bought mine from LunaBoston.
  7. thanks for posting this info and your photos - this makes a lot of sense. Do you know if the City came/comes in a pebbled, buttery soft tobacco?

    I am paralyzed by colour options...I really don't know which one to go for as my first!

  8. I know taupe and black are the pebbly leathers. Butterscotch and tobacco are the distressed leather like the purple in the above picture. Personally, I MUCH prefer the distressed in looks and weight (I think it feels like a lighter bag). I wear the butterscotch even when I'm wearing black but if I was a "brown color family" person, I would also love tobacco. Good Luck.
  9. I was thinking about getting that plum color on eBay too but maybe I should get a pebbly one?
  10. What do you guys think of the gunmetal one?...


    I got one recently...and I absolutely love it! But not a lot of people seem to know the color, and I dont really see it when I go to dept stores...what do you guys think?
  11. It's a little too silver for me. Have you looked at they show (what I THINK) is stone on their mid size bag which looks pretty interesting. It's the only website that shows that particular color.

  12. Is the purple bag the one that has leather similar to that of Balenciaga? Could you please post another pic? Thanks!
  13. I have the distressed butterscotch and I love it.

    I'm not going to pretend it is the best made bag that has ever existed but I love the versatility and the color.

    The leather on my bag is really nice and rich although I have seen (especially in the Mini City) a leather that isn't very lush.
  14. not to be negative b/c if you're getting a dark brown color it probably won't be the same type of leather... but i ordered a mini city tote in platinum (light gold color) and i was really disappointed with the leather quality. it was thin and not well constructed, so i returned it. i don't know if it was just that particular color/style of leather but it looks like others have had better experiences! good luck with your bag!
  15. I was in NYC today and saw a girl with a black AC mid city and I almost grabbed her and was like "LOVE THE BAG" but obviously didn't. I was so excited to see it in action on someone other than myself!