Anna Corinna City Bag- on sale at Bloomingdales

  1. All the Anna Corinna city bags (mini and large) were displayed at Bloomies 59th St w/ a 30% off sale today. Such a pretty and VERY light bag.
  2. thanks for the tip! i've been wanting an AC city bag! unfortunately, i'm out of state. do you know bloomie's charge send policy?
  3. Nope, sorry, no clue.
  4. omgosh I was around there just today!! I was around container store contemplating if i should go in there or not... Gosh I should have gone in. Is it their private sale right now or osmething? Do you know why they were on sale? Thanks!
  5. I wonder if they have these at other bloomie's stores? How much do these bags usually run?
  6. I think the city tote regular is around $460 and the minis are a little less...i bought a city tote on eBay for $355 and its really roomy and the glazed leather has such a lux look. I went to bloomies sd today in cali and the anna corinna's werent on sad...could have gone home with a tan leather city but already bought a botkier so...i wish the anna corinnas here were on sale no fair!
  7. The coupon code is one time use and listed in the shopzoeonline thread in deals and steals.

    Also is advertising on their website 20% off Anna Corinna bags and they are price matching a 30% off coupon from "DCSHOP". I'm not sure if you can use both discounts, but they have free shipping and free returns.
  8. wow! bloomingdale's carries anna corinna now?