Anna Corinna Bronze Bag - Dries out??

  1. Hey girls,

    Anyone with a smiilar problem?

    I have an Anna Corinna city tote in bronze and I have the problem that it constantly needs to be 'moisturised'. The leather gets really dry and yucky looking if I don't use leather conditioner ONCE A WEEK!:wtf:

    Maybe I am using the wrong kind? It's from Danier, a Canadian leathe store.. Any advice? I've had the bag for a few months now and I am getting sick of spending so much time making it look acceptable..:crybaby:


  2. I have the city tote mini in a light bronze color, so far it hasn't dried out. While the like the style, I have to say the craftmanship isn't that great. The inside of the pocket fabric is constantly fraying, the the stitching is uneven on the outside pockets. I don't think I'd buy another of these bags.
  3. Yeah, same problem with the inside pockets here, when I bought the bag they were alreasy fraying (bought online, so I could not inspect first)..

    But I do love the style..
  4. Yes! I thought it might be a defective one, so Luna sent me a different citi tote. SAME thing!!!
  5. I was also less than impressed with the quality for the price. I just sent back my mini city tote to Luna Boston. LOVE the style, hate the workmanship!