Anna Corinna Black City Tote Only $267.75 @ Laurie Solet!!

  1. Nice deal! Somebody grab it!
  2. omg baga I could kiss you! I just logged on quickly before I have to get in the shower to get ready for tonight...and I bought myself the first bag of '08! :wlae::yahoo: Too bad it's not the glazed but I do need another everyday black bag!

  3. Happy New Year FanAddict!! This gives you even more of a reason to celebrate tonight. I'm glad that someone was able to take advantage of this awesome deal. Have fun tonight and be safe!:drinks::drinks:
  4. *sob* I'm too late to this party. I'm totally on the hunt for a great deal on an AC tote. Congrats on the score!

  5. Oh...I'm so sorry jen!! Surely, they had more than one. Why don't you email them to inquire.
  6. I inquired about this bag, they are unfortunitly sold out. ... if anyone finds more PM me!!!
  7. The city tote is on sale at Calypso retail stores for $275. The one in Dallas had 3-4 in different colors. It's still regular price online.