Anna Corinna Bender Bag

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  1. first post ladies!

    does anyone have the [FONT=verdana,tahoma,arial][FONT=tahoma,arial]Anna Corinna Bender Bag? im thinking about getting it in espresso or gunmetal from here:

    just wondering what everyone thought of it..

    also, any discount codes for

    thanks so much! !:smile:
  2. I saw it in Bloomingdales and it is ADORABLE! My 2 problems with it are that it can't go on shoulder and the access to the main compartment isn't as convenient as I am used to with the mini city. But I love the way it looks, the leather and the shape. Let us know if you get it & pictures!!
  3. on the webpage it showed the model with it on her shoulder.. does that mean unless i have abnormally small arms/shoulders that it probably wont fit on mine either? haha.
  4. That is my favorite style.
  5. I love the look, but I tried one on and had two problems: First, it just barely fits on your shoulder; second, you have to lay the bag down to open the interior zippered compartment...the turnlock is not the closure for the bag. It is very hard to describe how the bag works, so I recommend that you see it IRL before purchasing.
  6. hmmmm now that you mention it, maybe it did get up there. I was trying so many models of her bags on and was focused on the regular city and the regular city with contrasting trim. I loved the size and shape of the Bender that I know for sure. Maybe I should go back and check it out again!
  7. It looks cute! I like the stitching.
  8. Anna Corinna is a great designer! I would recommend looking at the bags IRL as well, because the way the appear online and irl are totally different!

    I love my AC City and I did look at it before I got it, now it is one of my favorite bags!

    good luck and WELCOME!
  9. I was thinking of getting this bag and went to see it IRL. I love the shape and the leather is wonderful. However, once you open the turnlock, the bag then has to be laid flat and unzipped from one end to another. It is actually not that functional although I totally love the design and look of the bag. I suggest you see it IRL first or order from a site with a good return policy.
  10. thanks everyone! i ordered it from active endeavors (with a 25% off code - came out to just under 300) and they have free returns if i dont like it in person!

    i'll post pictures when i get it :smile:

    and thank you for the welcome!!
  11. I went on Active Endeavors but didn't see the Bender Bag....
  12. I love the look of the bender bag!
  13. i realized after i ordered it that shortly after it was gone from the website.. maybe they sold out?
  14. just wanted to let you ladies know that i got the bag today and i love, love, LOVE the shape and the color and the leader is great! i will post pictures soon :smile:
  15. Congratulations! Glad you love it and can't wait to see your pics!!