*Anna Corinna Beckett Chain Bag Discounts*

  1. [​IMG]
    I'd like to purchase this beauty but NEED discount!!!! :sad:

    It's the Anna Corinna Beckett Chain Bag and it's about $600.

    Anyone have some amazing coupon codes for sites that would carry this bag? I'd really really appreciate it!!! Thank you~!:yes:
  2. They have them on sale in Cognac and Black at JC Madison for $431. There's a coupon code "grechen" for 20% off too. I'm not sure if it works on sale items though.
  3. excuse my ignorance - what's JC Madison?

    is there a website?

    thanks sooo much~!:yes:
  4. I think it is just jcmadison.com Just do a search. CUTE bag!
  5. price dropped. It is $323.40 at jcmadison.com now. HTH.